10 Ways I Find Time for Me, and Why It’s Important

10 Ways I Find Time for Me, and Why It’s Important

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Recently, we went from having one to TWO crazy boys running around the house. Suddenly, I became the lone female surrounded by males. Boys who are constantly talking super heroes, arguing over books, or wanting to chase each other and wrestle. It is so fun to watch (most of the time), but sometimes is can be overwhelming. For my own sanity, I have found it has become increasingly important for me to find ways, even little ones, to get some “me time”. I’m not talking just kid-free time. I’m talking time totally alone. Dave and I have both committed to allowing each other some time totally alone. Don’t get me wrong, we still find time for each other. However with the chaos that is life, sometimes you just need some time to yourself to decompress and refocus. Here are some ways that I carve that time our for myself.

1. Long trips to the grocery store

“Sure honey! I can run to the grocery store!” *wink* If you are able to block out the hustle and bustle of the grocery, it can be nice to get some time by yourself at the grocery store. I like to take my time walking up and down each aisle…sometimes even twice!

2. Setting up my planner each week

I started using a Happy Planner several weeks ago, and I have become addicted. Each Sunday, I set aside some time to sit alone with my washi tape and stickers, and I get my week planned out. I look at meals, what I have going on at work, bills that are due, and everything else going on. Then I make it look pretty! It may seem silly, but it amazingly soothing! I look forward to it every week.

3. Food prepping

Food prepping itself is not a relaxing activity, however when I am doing it, the kitchen is a kid and husband-free zone!

4. Swim lessons

During the 30 minutes my kids are participating in swim lessons, there is a lovely sound-proof glass wall between me and the pool area. I am able to sit with my thoughts for a bit during this time, and just enjoy watching my kiddos from afar.

5. Bedtime/wine time

Dave and I take turns doing bedtime with the boys. On my off-nights, this is my time to catch-up on my shows, color a page in my coloring book, or just sit on the couch in silence and enjoy a glass of wine! 

6. Early mornings

Some weekends, I like to sneak out of bed early just to soak up a little “me time” before our day gets going. I can enjoy my coffee in peace, perhaps even on the front porch swing in warmer weather.

7. Long shower

Every once and awhile, I am able to take just a little bit longer in the shower without someone knocking on the door. It is a rarity in a house of 4 people and 1 bathroom, but when it happens, it is wonderful!

8. Driving into work

This is a very small window of time, but it is one of the rare moments when I am totally alone. I can drive in silence, or listen to my own music if I want. I can be alone with my thoughts and get focused for the day. I can even take the long way to work if I want!

9. Scheduling a night out with friends

Sometimes, “me time” does include others. I try to schedule time out with my friends occasionally to have some fun!

10. Find time for a DIY spa day

The rarest form of “me time”, but also the one that probably gives me the biggest bang for my buck, is some spa time at home! I had a chance to do this the other day when Dave took the kids to swim lesson solo, and it was amazing! I did a facial, soaked my feet, and did a treatment on my dry, cracked hands. I put on my stress-relief lotion, and just sat in quiet for a bit. It was amazing!

What do you like to do for yourself?

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Kristen is a mom, wife, educator, and blogger living in Cleveland Heights with her husband Dave, 3 year-old son Patrick, and 5 year-old nephew Nicholas. Kristen moved to Cleveland 11 years ago after living in southern Ohio all of her life. After graduating from Ohio University (Go Bobcats!), she moved to Northeast Ohio, and has loved it ever since! Kristen and her family love getting out to enjoy all that NEO has to offer, and shares her experiences, both in parenting and NEO, on her blog www.readysetparenthood.com!

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