An Extra-Curricular Update and Finding Flowers in an Ohio Winter

An Extra-Curricular Update and Finding Flowers in an Ohio Winter

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It’s almost spring and I’m itching to see flower buds on plants and experience warmer weather to occupy our time with outside picnics and trips to local playgrounds.

Winters tend to feel longer as my kids get older and more active. Long gone are the baby days of when my kids slept on a nursing pillow in the living room. They would spend most of their day immobile and/or sleeping except for small windows of time where they were playing or eating (both stationary activities).  There wasn’t much movement happening.

Now I see why people need to get out of the house and let their kids burn some energy. Cabin fever is exponentially magnified when you have young kids and no place to go.  I once groaned at the thought of signing my kids up for extra-curricular activities, but now we are “that family” dashing off to some sort of lesson after work and on weekends.

We have signed up for gymnastics, horse riding lessons, and swim lessons. My girls also attend Jewish religious school on some Sunday mornings and my oldest wants to take a ballet class. Something’s gotta give, and in this case, we’re discontinuing gymnastics until further notice. Moreover, Sunday School will conclude with the school year.

Even so, I would much rather pop over to the local park after work/school with a picnic dinner than buckle my three-car seats across in the snow, slush and mud with “snack packs” in-hand. (Snack packs are baggies with random food because my kids relish dining al fresco, even if it is at the gym or equestrian center.)  I love watching them learn new skills, but I know we will pull way back on all of this running around once the warmer weather arrives.

As I eagerly anticipate the vision of bright tulips popping up, I am bringing some flower power inside with minimal maintenance. Custom artificial flower and plants are available at Museum Trees.  I have a beautiful hydrangea arrangement on my dining room table and it brightens up the gray and gloomy days of January through March in Northeast Ohio.

Since moving to Ohio nine years ago, we have experienced a snow sprinkle every April and last year an overnight frost in May demolished my beautiful potted hydrangeas on my deck.

My silk flower arrangement from Museum Trees is not susceptible to our crazy Ohio spring weather, so I’m happy they will stand the test of time (without any need to water or prune)! Clearly, I’m a busy mom of three dashing to and fro – worrying about maintaining something else in addition to my kids is not appealing.  This works out great for me!

If you would like an artificial tree or flowers in your home, visit Silk Plants Direct and use promo code BLOGGER10 to save 10% on your order (custom orders excluded).

Note: I was provided with a complimentary product in exchange for a fair and honest review. Opinions expressed within are my own.

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