Hi! I’m the New Girl Around Here!

Hi! I’m the New Girl Around Here!

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Hi there! My name is Kristin and I am the mom behind the blog Perfectly DeStressed. My husband, Edward, and I reside in beautiful Medina, Ohio, with our eight children (yes, you read that right. Eight!) Edward is a 7th grade science teacher, track and soccer coach, my personal jack-of-all-trades and just an all-around terrific guy. I am a working SAHM. I spend my days changing diapers, cleaning and making our small, no-frills home customized and cozy for our tribe of 10.

When we bought our home, I didn’t love it. I didn’t even really like it. But, at the time the real estate market was at an all-time low, and the house ‘fit the bill’ so to speak, as it provided all the necessities we required. Since then, I have transformed this house I hated into a home I love. Cheap is my jam when it comes to decorating and design. I attempt to repurpose items we already own, and I am a no-shame junker – I love architectural salvage. My home is literally decorated with ‘trash night’ curb finds from throughout my neighborhood! Where most see dated, ugly and sometimes even broken furniture, I see treasures that just need a bit of TLC!

We consider ourselves modern-day backyard farmers with our 4 pretty Red Comet hens, 3 crazy dogs and bunny, Max.

In the warmer months, I enjoy growing my own vegetables and herbs, picking fresh flowers from our wildflower patch and hanging out at our handmade toad pond. When it’s chillier, you can find me inside with the crockpot on, baking my specialty cookies and movie watching with my tribe. Staying home together is our favorite activity – but going camping is a close second, for sure!

My blog is chock-full of fun tips, parenting hacks, recipes, frugal DIY decor ideas and so much more and I am so excited to share my craft with the Northeast Ohio Parent community!

To start off my inaugural post, I am sharing my latest DIY project! It was quick and simple with minimal supplies (mom decor win, right?)


Maybe it’s the thought of Spring air or me just pining for sunnier days, but I have been loving all things floral! I spotted these little white flowers on sale at our local Buehler’s Market and knew I had to find a spot for them! Using an old window frame I already had on hand (a picture frame with the glass removed would work as well), some twine, brown craft paper (newspaper would be cute too!) tape, a few clothespins and my flower bunches, I crafted this ‘drying rack’ decor piece. My cost for this project was only the price of the flowers as I had all the other supplies on-hand. But the twine, brown paper, tape and clothespins are available at most craft stores or big box stores and are very inexpensive!

By simply winding the twine around both sides of the open window 3 times each and securely knotting each twine end in the back of the window frame (I chose to staple the twin to the frame for extra hold, but that’s optional), I created the lines for the drying rack. Next, I bundled the flowers – stems cut to size for my project – and wrapped them in the brown craft paper. Securing the back of the paper with clear tape, I tightly bow tied another piece of twine around the wrapped flower bunch. Using a clothespin, I attached the bundle of flowers from the back to the twine lines on the hanging frame. The result is sweetly shabby chic and I love that I can switch out my flowers if I desire. Possibly beautiful, aromatic herbs or unique, colorful wildflowers? The possibilities are endless, friends!

For more daily inspirational, frugal (dare I say – cheap?) decor ideas – I would love to have you follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook as well!

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Ohio born and raised. DIY'er, mom to 8 & wife of a Science Teacher. Living in a smaller home with 8 children and my husband, decorating on a dime is a complete necessity for our family of 10. I am always looking for ways to repurpose, reuse or save money while transforming our once plain, cookie-cutter home into a personalized and custom space for our large family. As a stay-at-home-mother, I spend my days caring for my children, but I spend my nap times coming up with frugal and innovative ways to beautify our home on a very minimal budget!

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  1. Love your creativity Mrs. Frugal!! Beautiful work. Sent your blog to my daughter Melissa

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