‘School Send-Off’ Editor’s Note August Issue 2017

‘School Send-Off’ Editor’s Note August Issue 2017

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It doesn’t seem that long ago when my oldest son Noel got on the bus for the first time as a kindergartner. While he had a wonderful teacher that year and did well, it wasn’t without some difficulties. There were mornings I had to practically push him on the big yellow transport. 

Fast forward to this school year. I now have a confident fifth-grader who is likely to be too busy to turn and wave at his mom. My goal is to try not to embarrass him on the first day. (So, I will wait to cry until the bus is safely out of sight.) 

As we welcome back the new routine — and for some parents like me, it’s a milestone year — we provide a back-to-school toolkit, offering information on new supplies (pg. 16), making sure your kids get enough rest for the school day (pg. 14), and lunch packing safety tips (pg. 22).

We also wanted to give you some inspiration by taking a look back at the graduates who had a successful last school year. See their stories on pg. 19.

Many parents might be wondering what to do with kids after school or on weekends. There are plenty of enrichment opportunities across Northeast Ohio, from arts and theater to academics, sports activities and more. Find out what’s right for your child on pages 31-38. 

I am excited to highlight one activity — dance. We cover the future opportunities this art form provides and our cover kids, who both study dance locally, give some extra inspiration to others looking to get involved (pg. 28). 

This is an action-packed arts issue as we also focus on the stage. Children can marvel at the wonders of these upcoming local performances on pg. 26.

Also, we don’t forgot that it’s still summer — and why not end it with some fun? We give your family some must-do adventures on pg. 40.

Finally, look inside the issue for topics that fit all ages and abilities, such as baby giveaways on pg. 9 and tips for feeding fussy preschoolers on pg. 8. Make the most of the wellness visit on pg. 10, and find a mom’s perspective on the IEP meeting process on pg. 12. 

With my house clean and school-ready (and some new paint on the walls), I am excited to send my sons off this year. I just hope they will be, too.

To all the kids going off to school (and the parents sending them), have a great first day! 

To look around in the 2017 Northeast Ohio Parent August issue, visit here.


This monthly column ” Editor’s Note” appeared in the August 2017 issue of Northeast Ohio Parent magazine 

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