Stephanie Loomis Pappas is a professor turned write-from-home parent on a mission to debunk all the bad parenting advice on the internet. At snackdinner, she uses topics like moldy Sophies, raw cookie dough, and Tide Pods to teach parents how to do better research. Despite all her research and teaching experience, Stephanie still can’t make her 4-year-old go to bed. She lives with him and her husband in Lyndhurst.

"Parenting 101" — a Baby Shower Theme for Curious Parents-to-Be

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Last Year's Halloween Candy: Toss or Treat?

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Is That Toy a Playpen or a Playground?

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Four Reasons Why I Stopped Parenting by Placebo

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Summer Library Tour: Four Lessons from Four Branches

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How to Find Your Child's New Favorite Book

One of the greatest delights of parenting a 4-year old has been letting him independently browse in the Beachwood Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Children's nonfiction is just two stack... Read more

I Thought I Knew how to Research. Then I had a Baby.

I thought I knew how to research. I had, after all, written the book on it: a doctoral dissertation in Rhetoric and Composition. I had taught thousands of students both online and on campus, includ... Read more