Parent Tip of the Week: How to Refresh Your Laundry

What comes to mind when you think of soap scum? A bath tub that needs to be cleaned? Dingy shower doors? Maybe a sink that has been neglected? Each of these, areas in and around your home. But what... Read more

Catching ZzZ's

As I mentioned in my last post, we started sleep training with Miss K a little more than a week ago. I had been nervous to do it, thinking there would be lots of crying (on K’s part) and lots of gui... Read more

Underprepared, Overjoyed

In January 2014 my husband Nate and I received the most precious gift.  Our daughter, K was born and placed in our arms via open adoption.  We were so blessed to have been invited into the delivery ... Read more

Who Needs Sleep?!

I, for one, sure do.  Nate does, too.  And most importantly, Miss K does. Before K came along, it was very important to me that our future child have healthy sleep habits.  I read the books, resea... Read more