NEOhio Parent Editor Mom

Angela Gartner is the editor at Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, a mom of two boys and wife of 14 years. She loves to read, play sports with her boys and take care of the family's Scottish Terrier. Her blog will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine and as a working mom.

Prepared for School? — September Editor's Note

The week before school began in August, I felt like there wasn’t time to catch our breath. Between baseball, the mid-July Colorado family vacation, work deadlines, and an out-of-town weekend weddi... Read more

Game On

Whether you have a son or daughter, options for youth sports have become divided into specialty travel team versus recreation league — and if kids should play one or multiple sports — with parents... Read more

April 2018 Editor's Note: Spring Meltdown

With the spring thaw underway, you probably hope it’s the only meltdown you’ll experience this year. Likely, most kids are not immune to shutting down, crying, or having a fit over a certain ite... Read more

5 Tips to Work-From-Home with Kids

As a working parent, who mostly works from home, this summer has been a blessing — and a bit of a curse.  While I loved having all my boys at home, including my teacher husband, the quiet house to ... Read more

September 2017 Editor's Note — Calm Before the Storm

 It’s quiet again at my house with my kids — and teacher husband — at school. No more sleeping in or wondering if they will leave for the day when I work from home. While I feel organized for t... Read more

“I’m Bored,” Kids Say. Help for Parents on How to Answer

It’s a beautiful day outside and my two boys are fighting about turns on the Xbox.“Go outside,” I say. OK, maybe I yell.No one budges.“How about…” and then proceed to give them instruction... Read more

‘School Send-Off’ Editor’s Note August Issue 2017

It doesn’t seem that long ago when my oldest son Noel got on the bus for the first time as a kindergartner. While he had a wonderful teacher that year and did well, it wasn’t without some difficul... Read more

We are in the Home Stretch

We are in the Home Stretch I have to admit, this school year wasn’t as stressful as last year. My oldest son has been doing well in school (straight As for the first time! I know, I have to brag ... Read more

Behind-The-Scenes: Our September Photo Shoot

"Where did the summer go?" I thought as I was planning for the September cover in late July. Visions of apples, fall fun and leaves came into my mind, because for me, after Labor Day is when fall ... Read more