Why CLE?

Jen is a born-and-raised Cleveland girl who is dedicated to experiencing and celebrating all the wonderful places in town, with her son Jeffrey, her husband Matthew, and a cavalcade of the best gal pals you could ever want. Jen owns her own consulting business; blogs for her own site, as well as Northeast Ohio Parent and Cleveland Plus; and holds board positions with Playhouse Square Partners and the John Carroll University Cleveland Alumni Chapter. She likes to say she wears many hats, all of them sparkly. Oh, and Jen is a big fan of all things sparkly, festive, and fun! Join her as she continues to find new and exciting things to do in the city we proudly call home!

Bringing Local Cleveland Foods to Your Thanksgiving Table

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may be wondering about ways to incorporate local products into your Thanksgiving celebrations. This is a great time to not only support local businesses, but also show ... Read more

An Insider’s Guide to Halloween Events in Northeast Ohio

There are a ton of Halloween events happening this month all over the greater Cleveland/Akron region. How do you know which ones are fun, which ones are scary, which ones are crazy crowded, and which ... Read more

Keeping the Culture Going in Cleveland

Cleveland had an incredible summer of culture, with lots of special events and exhibitions that put the city even more in the forefront of the cultural scene. From “Hamilton” to the Infinity Mi... Read more

What it Really Means to be the GOAT

When I pitched this post a month ago, the idea was to come up with a list of people who could potentially replace LeBron James on the iconic banner space in downtown Cleveland.   The idea w... Read more

A Nostalgic Cleveland Summer: 5 Classic Attractions That Have Stood the Test of Time

There are so many great things to do in Cleveland in the summer, but I found myself getting nostalgic for the things that I would do as a kid. And plenty of those places and activities still exist, so... Read more

On the Town Survival Guide: Fairs and Festivals

My “On the Town Survival Guides” are designed to help maximize your fun and minimize your stress while you’re out and about with your kids. I’ve tackled everything from fine dining to Cedar Po... Read more

Shop Local and Female-Owned Businesses for Mother's Day

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m all about shopping small and local whenever I can. You know those “He went to Jared’s” commercials? Well, for this local-loving lady, that would no... Read more

Insta-Momma: Cleveland-Area Moms on Instagram

Who else can't get enough of Instagram these days? *raises hand* I especially love following other local moms and getting inspiration from things they do with or places they take their kids. Plus, som... Read more

Exploring Cleveland's Hidden Cultural Gems

Cleveland is packed with great culture, from museums to theater to music. And while the obvious choices of University Circle, the Cleveland Orchestra, and Playhouse Square provide amazing options to e... Read more

On the Town Survival Guide: Cabin Fever

In the next installment of my on-the-town survival guide, I'm tackling the most common of situations in Northeast Ohio in these months: cabin fever. Between freezing temperatures, snow days, and cold ... Read more

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