The Thinking Branch

Brea Schmidt is a writer, photographer, speaker and mom advocate. Through her blog, The Thinking Branch, Brea aims to generate perspective and authentic conversation about motherhood and daily life. She also owns the Avon-Lake based family photography business Photography by Brea ( When she isn’t writing, photographing or Mom-ing her three kids under the age of six, you can usually find her listening to country music or cheering for her favorite sports teams.

Five Reasons That I Consider Meal Planning Part of Self Care

When I used to hear the term “meal-planning” … I would balk at it. I thought, “I can barely find time to crack an egg for my own breakfast let alone plan out a week’s worth of food for th... Read more

Here's Your Pass, Now Give it Away

Can you all relate to that feeling you get when someone gives you a pass? You know… maybe you snapped at your husband, or maybe you couldn’t come through on something you committed to come through... Read more

Why I Tried Feeding My Kids a Family-Style Lunch

My husband and I have always been competitors. We grew up playing sports... and being from different states, we love our respective sports teams so much that our first “fight” after we began da... Read more

An Introduction: Thank You for Having Me

Hello Northeast Ohio Parent readers!  My name is Brea Schmidt and I am a Cleveland-based writer, photographer, speaker and advocate for the fellow mom. I’m so excited to be joining the Northeast Oh... Read more