Our Lady of The Elms School

Our Lady of The Elms School

1375 W. Exchange St.
Akron, OH


Our Lady of the Elms is an independent all-girls Catholic school, founded in 1923 by the Sisters of St. Dominic (now the Dominican Sisters of Peace).  Within modern facilities nestled on 33 scenic acres amidst towering pine trees, nearly 300 students from various ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds and more than 60 lay and religious educators come together to form a learning community alive with the discovery and exploration of ideas.  Our coeducational preschool provides a warm and nurturing backdrop of active learning.  Girls and young women in kindergarten through grade 12 experience a liberating learning and social environment where they can flourish, excel and achieve without hesitation or distraction.

Based on the 2018 Niche rankings, the Elms is the #2 Best Catholic High School and #3 Best All-Girls High School in the Cleveland area.

Guided by the Dominican ideals of prayer, study, community and preaching, Elms students become confident, articulate, compassionate and innovative.

Why All Girls?

Once you are here, the answer is crystal clear! An education at Akron’s premier all-girls’ school for kindergarten through grade 12 emphasizes substance over superficialities. This culture fosters a more centered, more challenging education at a standard that simply can’t be achieved within a coeducational environment. Girls come to Our Lady of the Elms at a variety of ages, and we support them at every stage. Our expectations are high and your daughter’s opportunities are limitless here at The Elms. We have a balanced program that incorporates the arts, athletics and community service in a learning environment that is all about girls.

Elms at a Glance:

At the Elms, we offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity.  The only all-girls high school within a five-county area, the Elms campus is a vibrant and engaging learning community. Young women are taught by experienced faculty with particular expertise in teaching girls. Small class sizes allow for individualized attention and personalized instruction.  The scope of our college preparatory curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant, challenging our students to succeed in high school and beyond.  The Elms’ outstanding curriculum prepares girls for the top colleges and universities in the nation.  Our students take an active role in the school and community through involvement in co-curricular activities, sports and clubs, embracing responsibility, accepting positions of leadership and exploring their own beliefs and ideals. Learn more at:  http://www.theelms.org/high-school/.

Class of 2017 accomplishments:

  • Class of 33 students
  • One hundred percent of graduates were accepted at four year colleges and universities
  • Two National Merit Finalists and one Commended Student
  • Graduates earned $5.8 million in merit scholarships
  • The class earned 166 acceptances at 91 colleges and universities
  • Graduates completed more than 4,000 hours of community service

Girls face a time of change and transition during seventh and eighth grade that can be both awkward and awesome.  Frankly, middle school can be challenging.  Discovering and developing their unique talents and personalities, exploring spirituality, strengths and identities, testing their boundaries and beliefs, these girls are beginning their transition into young adulthood.  We understand that.  Our middle school features a rigorous academic program that promotes critical thinking and inquiry.  Our students find themselves deeply immersed in content through hands-on projects and an expectation that they not only have knowledge of content, but also a willingness to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and make connections to other areas of study during the learning process. The result is students who know content, think critically and apply that content to new situations throughout their lives. Learn more at:  http://www.theelms.org/middle-school/.

Young girls need a solid educational foundation.  They are eager learners with insatiable curiosity. Educators in our elementary school engage the imagination, creativity and sense of discovery in their students. Individual, class and school-wide projects, special presentations, field trips, guest speakers and performers enhance an exciting, challenging curriculum.  Free from the pressures of a coeducational environment, Elms girls are able to cultivate their talents and share their ideas without limitation. Learn more at:  http://www.theelms.org/elementary-school/.

Our coed preschool program (ages 2-5) values each child as an individual with his or her own talents and abilities. Our educators strive to provide the children with a comprehensive educational experience. Our goal is to teach your child in an environment that emphasizes learning through hands-on exploration and positive interaction with adults, peers and various materials.  The Elms offers both half- and full-day preschool programs.  They are designed to provide boys and girls with a strong start in school, and to promote developmental skills using the HighScope curriculum. Learn more at:  http://www.theelms.org/preschool/.


“Elms helped me become the person I am today – successful and confident. All girls for life!” – Stephanie (Class of 2006)

“The Elms is a gold mine in education.  It’s not an ordinary Catholic school, it’s an extraordinary Catholic school.” – Mary (mom of a 2015 graduate)

“The Elms is a place where girls develop into future women leaders. I am proud to be an Elms Girl!” – Stefanie (Class of 2018)

“We have no doubt that an all-girls education at The Elms is the right choice for our daughter.  We look forward to what the future holds for her.” – Tiffany (mom of a daughter in grade 4)

“It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized how wonderful my education at the Elms had been. I could think, I could write well and I could articulate.”  Jeannette (Class of 1979)

“Elms girls commit to academics and the teachers are always supportive and caring.” (Emily Class of 2017)

“The Elms provided a forum for our daughter to excel in many areas, especially leadership.” – Margie and John (parents of a 2015 graduate)

“The Elms has been supportive as my daughter strives for academic excellence, but they have also supported her 100% as she strives for athletic excellence.  They allow her to do both.”  – Katherine (mom of a daughter in grade 9)

“Our Lady of the Elms challenged and inspired my daughter to investigate new subjects.  She discovered unknown strengths and improved in areas of weakness.  I am thrilled she found a school that suited her so well.” – Christen (mom 2017 graduate)

Enroll or visit:

Our Lady of the Elms is currently enrolling preschool through grade 11 students.  Interested families are invited to tour the school or schedule a Shadow Day.  Tours and Shadow Days are available by appointment.  Contact Admissions Director Melanie Drouin at 330.867.0918 or [email protected].

Elms videos:

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Our Lady of the Elms First Grade Project:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWN3c_XoXaI

Our Lady of the Elms Preschool Vocabulary:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPjwoFRPA3E

Our Lady of the Elms Preschool Math:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l2O1B4eFpg&feature=em-upload_owner

The girls’ school advantage:

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