Northeast Ohio Parent Reading Room for 2019: Book Picks for Kids

Northeast Ohio Parent Reading Room for 2019: Book Picks for Kids

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Looking for some great reads for your kids? Check out the list below for books recommended by local libraries, Northeast Ohio Parent editors and more. Be sure to check back as we add more books each month. 


Click here to view last year’s list.


Multicultural Book Day is January 31, when children can #ReadYourWorld! Visit for more reading recommendations and try a few below!


The Journey
By Francesca Sanna
Without being overly scary, this picture book shows a realistic version of the refugee experience. It starts with a war, which takes the father. The mother and children decide to escape to another country, which promises safety. They run and hide in the darkness, and pay to have someone help them cross, but their journey is not over. There’s an ocean to cross, and still more borders to cross. Ages 6 and older.


The Name Jar
By Yangsook Choi
The book speaks to any child who’s ever felt different or shy about meeting new people.  When Unhei arrives in America from Korea, she not only has to deal with being the “new kid” but also having a strange name that no one can pronounce.This is a book about the simple but powerful ways that we can build bridges of friendship across cultures.


My Friend Has Autism
(Friends with Disabilities) 
By Amanda Doering Tourville, illustrated by Kristin Caraan Sorra
The book is about a friend, Zack, who has autism. However, it doesn’t matter to the narrator and they talk about airplanes, build models and enjoy hanging out at each other’s houses.

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