Green Family-in-Training

Jennifer Bonnar is a Lake County resident, mom of a young son and daughter, and wife of fellow blogger Jason Lea. Her day job is in the publishing industry, in which she’s worked for 12 years. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Ohio University and earned her MBA from Lake Erie College. In her past life she worked in marketing at Cleveland Clinic and as an intern on the TV series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” Born in Pittsburgh, she receives regular razzing for her lack of interest in Cleveland sports. She loves to travel and keeps busy taking her kids to karate class, reading and writing whenever possible, and of course finding ways to live greener!

Summer Nature Hikes in Northeast Ohio

Sometimes there’s no better way to get back to nature than a walk in the woods—especially if you have young kids looking to burn off some energy. So ditch the video games and find a tree to hug (t... Read more

The Benefits of Shopping at Thrifts

My daughter is a huge fan of fashion. I’m talking shoes, full princess dresses, shoes, everyday play dresses, hair bows, shoes . . . you name it. I find myself balking at this for several reasons: 1... Read more

Greening Your Bathroom

I’ve covered eco-friendly changes you can make in your kitchen. And your laundry room. And I’ve been putting off the next one because . . . it’s the dreaded bathroom. I have nothing against t... Read more

Greening Your Laundry Room

I’m pretty done with the winter blahs and I’m feeling ready for a refresher. In lieu of warm spring winds, I’ll settle for the wafting aromas of Spring Fresh detergent emanating from my laundry ... Read more

Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Green Cleans & Eats

I’m already looking ahead to spring cleaning. Yeah, we’re a barrel full of fun at our house. And over the past few years I’ve been looking into ways to not just literally clean each room, but... Read more

Giving a Gift Back to Mother Nature: Carbon Offsets

This year as part of my New Year’s resolution, I’m trying something a little different: paying into a carbon offset program. Because let’s face it, diet and exercise haven’t taken hold, despit... Read more

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, in spite of . . . well, in spite of a lot of things. So despite the fact that we can’t spend the holidays with our extended families this year, I... Read more

Easy, Eco-Friendly Swaps to Make at the Grocery Store (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of my grocery store series, which is meant to help you think about grocery shopping through an environmentally-friendly lens. (Click here to read Part 1.) I try to shop with some ... Read more

Easy, Eco-Friendly Swaps to Make at the Grocery Store

Welcome to Part 1 of what I hope will be an informative series of posts to help you think about grocery shopping through an environmentally-friendly lens. Shopping is hard!! First you have to carve ou... Read more

Packing Your Kids a 'Green' Lunchbox

This is far from a normal back-to-school season, but . . . a kid’s still gotta eat. So what’s to be done about packing an environmentally-friendly lunch bag? The obvious approach is to avoid pl... Read more

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