Green Family-in-Training

Jennifer Bonnar is a Lake County resident, mom of a young son and daughter, and wife of fellow blogger Jason Lea. Her day job is in the publishing industry, in which she’s worked for 12 years. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Ohio University and earned her MBA from Lake Erie College. In her past life she worked in marketing at Cleveland Clinic and as an intern on the TV series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” Born in Pittsburgh, she receives regular razzing for her lack of interest in Cleveland sports. She loves to travel and keeps busy taking her kids to karate class, reading and writing whenever possible, and of course finding ways to live greener!

A Very Brief Reflection on Killing an Ant

We were on a family outing a week or so ago and my son killed an ant. It wasn’t one of the little house ants, either. It was one of the huge black ones that you’ll sometimes see out in the woods.... Read more

Meat Shortage? We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s no secret that grocery stores are a little short on certain items these days (toilet paper, looking at you; disinfecting wipes, nowhere to be found; why can’t I find taco shells or sugar-free... Read more

We All Need a Holiday Right Now

Feeling worn down by the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine and social distancing? I hear you. We could all use a reason to celebrate right now. Thank goodness Earth Day is here! It’s not just any ... Read more

Slowing it Down: What the COVID-19 Outbreak Can Teach us About Being Human Today

This is a longer post but, since I’m spending a lot of time at home now, I have some time on my hands to write it — and hopefully you have a few minutes to read it! It’s only Day 5 of our sel... Read more

Got Wind Power?

As we drive down the Shoreway toward downtown Cleveland one morning, my son looks up at a giant white tower and goes, “What’s that?” “It’s a windmill,” I reply. “What’s a windmil... Read more

A Green New Year’s Revolution…I Mean, Resolution

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to all! Wait a minute…is it the end of the year already? I think I missed something here. But no matter, it’s time to start fresh. It’s time to start ... Read more

Planet-Friendly Birthday Parties: Myth or Reality?

Hosting a child’s birthday party is no easy task even in the best of circumstances. Odds are that if you’re raising a young, middle-class child in America today, they are going to have certain exp... Read more

Worms, 'Good Dirt' and the Backyard Compost Adventure

In second grade, I bought a copy of a little handbook called “Save Our Planet,” full of simple ideas kids could put into action to be environmentally-friendly. One chapter was about starting a com... Read more

My Trash Can Overhaul (and the Recycling Conundrum)

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. What’s that sound? The pitter-patter of little feet racing down the stairs in the morning? Nope. It’s the trash can lid going up and down a hundred times a day. Seriously . ... Read more

Brown (or Canvas) Bagging It

There’s a lot of “eco” talk buzzing around these days. Concerns about “climate change,” “going green,” “decreasing your carbon footprint,” “reducing your impact,” and on and on ... Read more

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