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Jason Lea has a son, daughter, and a full-time job at the Mentor Public Library. He uses his nonexistent free time writing about parenting for Northeast Ohio Parent magazine. You can tweet him @jasonmarklea. Or not. You're grown and can make your own choices.

Reopening Plans for Northeast Ohio's Zoos, Museums, Gardens, Theme Parks & More

There’s a good chance that both you and your family are eager to get out and do things, especially now that things are open again. But a lot has changed, so here’s a roundup on how some of your... Read more

12 Cures for the 'Quarantine Crazies'

Social distancing is important for you and your family's health. It can also be dull – especially if you're 6 years old. Fortunately, libraries, zoos, museums and quite possibly your favorite aut... Read more

5 Tips for Family Trips to the Troll Hole

How many trolls can a Troll Hole hold if a Troll Hole could hold trolls? The answer is about 30,000, including a world-record setting 8,000 troll toys and another 22,000 pieces of troll memorabilia... Read more

Winter with Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

It seems counterintuitive, but the winter is a spectacular time to visit Cleveland Metroparks Zoo — not just the RainForest, either. Different animals prefer different temperatures. So, sure, the... Read more

Beyond Disney: 5 Phenomenal Animated Films for Families

Kids can survive forever on a diet of Frozen, Moana and Wreck-It Ralph, but adults — for the sake of our sanity — sometimes want to switch it up. So with all due respect to the Mouse House, he... Read more

10 Tips for Family Trips to Sesame Place

My family’s fresh back from Sesame Place – a Sesame Street theme park near Philadelphia – and I have some tips gleaned from my personal experience. May you find them useful should your famil... Read more

To My Daughter who has Red Hair

Daughter, you are one year old now and people have started to comment on your hair. It is the color of orange sherbet—strawberry blonde, in the parlance—but most people will call it “red.” ... Read more

Welcome to the Inaugural Toddler Olympics

If you have a child between the ages of 12 and 36 months old, then they can compete in the inaugural Toddler Olympics. Yes, the Toddler Olympics, brought to you by Gerber, Baby Einstein, and that o... Read more

5 Disney movies that I don’t let my kids watch

Disney has a lot of my money. Our shelves are filled with everything from Zootopia to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Disney’s share of my income will only grow once my kids are old enough to make the ... Read more

20 Picture Books for your Children's Shelves

Take it from someone who works at a library—some books you buy, some books you borrow, and some you ignore.Here are 20 picture books that have earned a space on the shelves in my children’s rooms.... Read more

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