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Beth Rowles is a Certified Parent Coach that lives in Streetsboro with her husband, two young children, and two rescue boxer dogs.  She loves playing with her kids, taking in the beauty of nature, creating all forms of art, practicing yoga, traveling, writing, and reading endlessly. She's also a huge fan of meditation, to maintain her sanity throughout the long and sleepless days of early parenthood! Beth overcame constant second-guessing of parenting decisions by going on a three year journey -- deep into the treasure trove of information on early childhood development and psychology -- and now loves to help other parents trust themselves to make decisions that lead to long-term success.

Northeast Ohio School Fundraisers Chuck E. Cheese Style

Sometime in the early 1980s, my family walked into ShowBiz Pizza Place and sat down at a long table in front of a stage. It was someone's birthday, and I just barely remember that we received seashell... Read more

What You Should Know About Survival Swim Lessons

"Survival" swim lessons can be traumatic experiences for a child and do not drown-proof them. Developmentally-appropriate alternatives include layered play-based training with a trusted caregiver ... Read more

How Not Using Stoplight Charts Can Improve Behavior in the Home or Classroom

What questions should you ask a prospective elementary school?  If you are determined to raise a successful adult, don't ask about what languages they'll learn or even what kind of extra-curricular a... Read more

Becoming a M.O.M. (Master of Meditation)

The 4-year-old is screaming because she wants my help and her "legs are too tired" to walk the four feet over to me. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at her genius of picking up the same excuse I'... Read more

Play With Me

One of the reasons why I love talking about using play with children is because it's such a BOGO.  It moves the energetic state of parent AND child, which changes the situation just by the power of... Read more

To Your Child, the Greatest Gift of All is You

The frenzy has begun.  Holiday shopping season is officially upon us. Parents are scrambling to discern their children's wants and needs, scouring ads and collecting coupons, desperate t... Read more