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Why We are Different

Created in 2000 by a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Musical Fingers LLC is N.E. Ohio’s most fun music therapy and music education program that has brought laughter and love of music to many Ohioan families over the years.  One of the things that makes us different is that we at Musical Fingers absolutely refuse to be your average, take-your-money-and-run music company.  We firmly believe in giving all our beloved kids ages 4 and up, a bunch of HOPE, a dash of LOVE, fistful of FAITH and a lifetime of MUSIC.  And unlike other music schools and instruction programs, we offer a full unconditional refund if you child truly doesn’t enjoy our program after 2 weeks. Whether our beloved kids and teens whom we serve grow up to be doctors, engineers or professional musicians, our core mission at the end of the day tries to answer the following essential questions: Did they have a blast creating music? Did we elevate their self-esteem and instill a deep-seated love for music and all things musical? Did we help our special needs individuals transform their dis-ability into ability? 

Classic Rock & Contemporary Christian Rock Summer Camps
This summer we invite you to come join us for our annual 2017 Summer Classic Rock and Contemporary Christian Rock camps for kids and teens, ages 8 and up.  One of the best ways to experience the art of music is to jam along with other musicians and Musical Fingers Summer Music Camps are perfect for learning mad skills, discovering new friendships and creating some terrific music for all to hear.  All the music selected is family-friendly and foot-stomping awesome!  You don’t have to be a piano prodigy or a guitar shredder to attend our camps, just some rudimentary skills, enthusiasm and a love for creating music.  Special needs kids and teens are absolutely welcome to participate, but we do ask that parents please contact Musical Fingers LLC for further information and to help ensure that our program is an excellent fit for them.



Our early bird deadline is June 1, 2017.  Enroll by then and receive an early bird special of $50 off regular pricing.  Multi-child discounts are available as well.  Each camp week is limited to 8 kids/teens to ensure that each participant receives one-on-one assistance and instruction as much as possible, as well keep the craziness to a minimum. For further information as well as to view pictures and videos of our wonderful kids and teens making incredible music please visit and our Facebook page You can also call (330) 554-4140 and email us [email protected].  We look forward to seeing you all this summer of 2017!

P.S.  If you enjoyed our summer camps we’d like to invite you to check out our year-round music therapy and music education programs within the comfort of your home.


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