BrittFit: My Fun Way to Stay Healthy with My Kids During the Holiday Season

BrittFit: My Fun Way to Stay Healthy with My Kids During the Holiday Season

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Oh the weather outside is frightful… and I do not feel like taking walks when my fingers and toes are freezing and my nose is running more than my feet.  So what’s a health-conscious mama to do when the sun goes down at 5 p.m., it’s just too darn cold, and I want to spend time with my kids after work?  My solution is going to BrittFit Family Fitness.

The reason I really wanted to attend BrittFit was because my 5-year-old has been asking to go to yoga class with me and I could not find a regularly scheduled kid-friendly yoga class where parents can join too.  BrittFit has been my solution.

You can check out the BrittFit website for more info, but I want to share what it is REALLY like to attend classes.

I am a firm believer in the instructor making or breaking the class and Britt is awesome.

What I Love About BrittFit:

  1. Britt is genuinely friendly and inviting without being over-the top. You know how some exercise instructors are just so excited?  It seems like they drank a gallon of energy drink and they are revved and psyched to exercise beyond what is considered normal human behavior.  Britt is real, she wants everyone to have a good time and get a bit of a sweat going too.  We start the class with an icebreaker introduction and it helps to know the names of the kids and parents in class with you.  It just feels good.
  2. Holy cow is Britt welcoming to kids! One of my 3 year old twins and my 5 year old attend with me and they are enthralled with all the toys to play with, then literally move on to Britt’s exercise mat.  Britt engages with the kids in conversation throughout the class.  So, while I’m huffing and puffing, she’s chatting up my little ones while doing the same exercise moves!   Britt comes prepared to entertain, acknowledge, engage (and occasionally provide a snack for) kids.
  3. The more the merrier is her motto and we always end with gratitude. I have seen grandparents, dads, and kids of all ages in class and the sweetest part is how she makes it a point to thank the kids at the end of the class for participating (just by being present) and reminds the grown-ups we are good role models for our kids by practicing healthy habits with our little ones.
  4. Britt is honest when an exercise is hard and she’s the first to say she’s sore, or she doesn’t like one of the routine moves. There are no airs, which is refreshing when you are used to aerobics class with instructors who love every single second of class (and subsequently spandex wedgies).
  5. Britt knows her stuff. I have had soreness in the same part of my leg for as long as I can remember, like literally 20 years of not being able to do some moves.  I asked her about this after class.  Britt immediately named the muscles tensing up and gave me moves to stretch and loosen the muscles to ease the pain.  All the anatomy vocabulary went over my head, but she is the first person to help me with this issue – ever!  She is a genius as far as I am concerned.

In conclusion, going to Britt’s class is like working out with one of your best friends.  Brit totally understands what it is like to have toddlers underfoot all the time, and is more accommodating then I can ever describe.  Couple this with the fact she really knows her stuff and gives you a good workout at the same time is like witnessing a miracle each class.  Lastly, Britt is so sweet and friendly, I really felt like I was working out with one of my friends… who happens to know a lot about exercise physiology and managing life with little ones at the same time.  Attending BrittFit met all my goals of exercising with my kids, but with the added bonus of meeting great people and finally working out my tight muscle, too!

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