4 Modern Toys That Prepare Toddlers for School

4 Modern Toys That Prepare Toddlers for School

Preparing your kids for that first day of school can be a daunting prospect for many parents. 

Getting a head start in education sounds like a flawless plan on paper. But toddlers are notoriously difficult to entertain. When faced with a brand new world ripe to explore, it’s no surprise their attention span dwindles when asked to focus on one specific thing. 

Developing the learning bug through playtime will help the process seem more natural and fun. Toys are an essential part of learning for young children and toddlers because they simultaneously keep them occupied and stimulate the brain.

However, the phrase “educational toy” spans a wide breadth and covers a range of subjects. So, choosing the right toys can prove a difficult task in itself. 

With so much choice, it’s understandable you want to ensure you’re investing in the absolute best for your child. Read on to discover our four favorite educational toys that will set your children up for further learning at school. 

Kids Subscription Boxes

The idea of subscriptions is a quintessentially modern one. From Netflix and Amazon Prime to online newspaper articles like the New Yorker, we use these services as a dependable and simple way to consume new information. 

Kids subscription boxes, like Sago Mini Box, are no different. They consistently facilitate learning through play while keeping everything fresh and exciting. 

Having brand new activities routinely delivered to your door builds an educational framework. This lets kids explore their curiosity before school begins. 

While you’re catching up on the latest shows and news stories, your little one could be testing their creativity in a play kitchen one day, and then studying the galaxy in a rocketship the next.

Building Blocks 

These are toy box classics revamped for the modern era. 

Despite their age, building blocks remain one of the best educational tools you can give to your children. From Duplo to Lego, the principle remains the same — building is the catalyst for learning.

Building blocks are far more important to your toddler’s development than you may initially realize. They cultivate a hands-on style of learning which subtly teaches the intricacies of engineering, mathematics and design subconsciously through play. 

No matter the era, the popularity of building blocks remains constant. And that’s because they continue to develop generations of thinkers by making learning fun and interactive.

Specialized Electronic Tablets

While peoples’ fear of too much screen time and free access to the internet are valid concerns, kids are becoming increasingly capable of working tablets from a very young age. 

So, finding a way to focus this capability on education could have some major benefits. 

Specialized tablets like the Kids Edition Amazon Fire HD 8 come completely optimized to be a safe learning environment for toddlers. 

Amazon’s tablet, among others, boasts a variety of easy-to-use parental controls and a childproof case which makes it safe for even the most clumsy of children.

What’s great for parents is that Amazon places a two-year warranty on their tech, meaning if it breaks you can send it back and they’ll give you a new one. 

However, what sets the HD 8 apart is its exclusive access to Fire for Kids Unlimited. This provides thousands of educational resources, from digital books to interactive games. Here you can trust your toddlers are consuming age-appropriate content and learning at the same time.

Magnetic World Map Puzzles 

Puzzles are a valuable tool that teach children patience and how to problem solve — two traits that will be tested to the limit when they reach school. 

But giving them 1,000-piece Van Gogh style tasks will be too much to start off with, even for our little geniuses. You need to find something intriguing enough to captivate attention, while also being achievable as to instill a sense of completion. 

In this case, consider taking a look at fun map puzzles like the Janod Magnetic World Map. This is a great educational tool for your toddler because it will set them on the right footing for future geography lessons, by instilling an awareness of the world at an early age.

Additionally, the puzzle’s fun design is full of quirky illustrations and vibrant colors, which will help with memorization. But best of all, it’s magnetic and can be hung on the wall when completed.

From the variety in schedule found through regular subscription boxes to world-building and valuable general knowledge gifted by puzzles, these fantastic toys will help prepare your toddler for the school days to come.

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