‘Build It!’ at Great Lakes Science Center

‘Build It!’ at Great Lakes Science Center

Where have all the bricks gone?

As this sharp Lego detective will undoubtedly discover, they’ve been hauled off to Cleveland as part of Great Lakes Science Center’s Build It! exhibit, presented by ArcelorMittal. The exhibition is divided into three distinct phases: Play It!, Explore It! and Move It!.

Play It! is open now through May 14. and includes:

  • A large castle structure with Lego sculptures and building tables
  • A digital catapult
  • A large dragon made of Legos
  • A castle slide
  • Duplo building area.

Explore It! is a 10-day festival running May 27-June 4 featuring workshops, opportunities to meet Lego experts, hand-selected sculptures from some of the best Lego artists in the country, and a few Lego-related surprises.

Move It!, from June 17-Sept. 4, will feature the selected sculptures from Explore It!, simple machine exhibits developed by Lego expert Adam Ward that will inspire guests to build their own simple machine contraptions, and exhibits that let guests build and play with Lego Mindstorms robotics.

Click here for more information about Build It!

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