Camp of the Week: Musical Fingers

Camp of the Week: Musical Fingers

Created in 2000 by a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Musical Fingers LLC believes in giving all kids ages 4 and up “a bunch of hope, a dash of love, fistful of faith and a lifetime of music.” 

Musical Fingers offers a full, unconditional refund if your child truly doesn’t enjoy the program after two weeks. Whether its students grow up to be doctors, engineers or professional musicians, the mission of Musical Fingers tries to answer the following essential questions: Did they have a blast creating music? Did we elevate their self-esteem and instill a deep-seated love for music and all things musical? Did we help our special needs individuals transform their dis-ability into ability?

This summer, Musical Fingers invites you to its annual Summer Classic Rock and Contemporary Christian Rock camps for kids and teens, ages 8 and up. 

Click here for more information about Musical Fingers and its summer camp offerings.

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