Child Development: Fine Motor, Speech, Language And Hearing

Child Development: Fine Motor, Speech, Language And Hearing

Parents may be so busy waiting for their child’s first steps or words that dozens of equally important developmental milestones may pass them by without being noticed. Parents should pay close attention to these many little firsts not only because each is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but also because they may serve as warning signs of developmental delays and other issues.

Although most children develop speech, language and fine motor skills within the same relative timeframe, other children do not. Parents and therapists need to be able to identify where on the timeline children should be with their development in these key areas to determine if it’s time to consider some form of developmental therapy. In some cases, missing a milestone simply means a child is a late bloomer in that particular area. Other times, it could be an indication that intervention is needed before a delay can become a full-blown challenge to the child’s academic progress and socialization.

The accompanying guide breaks down the timeline for children’s development in three crucial areas. Parents and caregivers who want to make sure that their children aren’t behind in any of these areas should familiarize themselves with this timeline.

This infographic was created by Invo-Progressus

By Lisa Orlando, senior vice president of marketing and strategy of the Invo Family of Companies, which includes Invo-Progressus — a provider of employment and professional development for therapists. The company connects qualified candidates with job opportunities across the United States.    

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