Educational Toys to Help Keep Learning Fun

Educational Toys to Help Keep Learning Fun

Magnetic Game Box ABC Expedition

The kids are heading back to school, but that doesn’t mean learning at home has to stop. Check out these new toys that are so fun, kids won’t even realize they’re getting an education while playing.


Magnetic Game Box ABC Expedition
Welcome to Letterland! This cheerful letter arranging game playfully introduces your child to the alphabetical world of letters and writing. A great selection of motifs invites children to go on a lark with letters. The handy cardboard carrying case and magnetic pieces make this set ideal for travel.
$19.99, ages 4+


STEM Explorers MathLink Builders
Build early math skills with every hands-on creation! Kids turn early math and design lessons into fun-filled building projects during STEM-filled play sessions with MathLink Builders. This 100-piece building set features MathLink Cubes cast in 10 vibrant colors and ready to bring your wildest building creations to life. Little designers can follow along with the included activity guide’s 10 building challenges, or design their own creations.
$14.99, ages 5-9


TACTBit Cubes
Geared for the youngest of scientists through early elementary, TACTBiT Cubes are a smart addition to any home or classroom, engaging children through their tactile snapping action and layers of multi-age exploration. The cubes snap together, light up, record sounds, play music, roll on wheels and pile up high. Sets of various sizes currently are available via the company’s Kickstarter campaign.


Pip the Letter Pup
This adorable interactive pooch introduces kids to every letter of the alphabet through fun, hands-on play. Pip the Letter Pup grows and shrinks with the help of five spinning hexagonal pieces, each of which comes printed with five letters of the alphabet on its sides. As kids boost their fine motor skills building up their doggie friend, they also can spin the letters into the correct order, reinforcing letter recognition and alphabet skills along the way.
$16.99, ages 2-6


This friendly bumblebee carrying case opens to reveal a three-in-one learning activity set. Forty colorful, double-sided tiles printed with letters, numbers, and shapes snap snugly into place, helping kids build fine motor skills while also developing familiarity with the alphabet and more. Kids can spell simple words like “dog” or “cat,” match upper case letters with their lower case counterparts, or pair the number of sides of a shape with the corresponding number.
$19.99, ages 2-6


Tock the Learning Clock
This robot clock comes with analog hour and minute hands, as well as a digital display that functions as a real clock. Tock supports two time-teaching modes: in Musical Fun Mode, Tock rewards kids for correctly setting the hour and minute hands by playing snippets of fun, dance-ready tunes. In Question Mode, Tock asks kids to match the analog hands to the time shown on the clock’s digital display. In addition to teaching time skills, Tock the Learning Clock also helps kids get a good night’s rest. Tock comes with a night light function, as well as an “OK to Wake” light that changes color when it’s OK to get out of bed.
$24.99, ages 3-7


Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal
This 2-in-1 light and dissecting microscope gives up-close views — 30x, 100x, and 400x magnifications — of anything you can imagine, from peacock feathers and goldfish scales to your own skin and cheek cells. The included keepsake journal features 22 pages of fun science experiments for kids and activities from observation to creative writing, drawing, and more.
$44.99, ages 8-12


Learn to Read with Bob Books and VersaTiles
Let your child read a Bob book and then use VersaTiles to complete the pages in the workbook. Children love Bob books and the accompanying tiles provide a fun, hands-on experience that boosts learning. Together the books and activities reinforce skills and concepts that provide a firm foundation in reading. Sets vary by age, skill level and desired concepts, including Beginning Readers Set, Advancing Beginner Set, and Sight Words Set.
$34.99, ages vary

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