As Halloween Approaches, Please Don’t Scare the Little Ones

As Halloween Approaches, Please Don’t Scare the Little Ones

Adults and children alike love the scary fun of Halloween. But for children of kindergarten age or younger, the weeks leading up to Halloween can be an extended nightmare. That’s because their brains haven’t developed enough to reliably distinguish between real and make-believe – no matter how much you may talk to them about it.

If you think about your own childhood memories of Halloween, odds are you were already older – at least elementary school – when it began being fun.

Even when younger children say “I know it’s not real,” they can still be confused and frightened when confronted by witches, skeletons, ghosts and monsters – all the scary props of the season. And if they see you or older siblings having fun, they may try to hide the fact that they’re scared.

Read the whole article for more thoughts about helping young children navigate the the season for a fun and not-so-scary Halloween.

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