Speech, Language & Hearing Developmental Milestones: Age 0-6 Months

Speech, Language & Hearing Developmental Milestones: Age 0-6 Months

Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center Parent Tip of the Week

By Michelle Foye MA CCC-SLP, Director
of Speech Language and Learning Services
Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center

While every baby and child develops at different rates, there are some milestones that can generally be expected by certain ages. This includes certain speech, language and hearing developmental milestones. The list below are some typical milestones for babies who are six months of age.

  • Reacts to loud sounds
  • Turns head toward a sound source
  • Watches a person’s face when they speak
  • Vocalizes when an adult smiles
  • Visually recognizes caregiver and reacts to their disappearance
  • Visually follows a moving person
  • Participates in mutual gaze with adults (shared eye contact to draw attention)
  • Vocalizes pleasure and displeasure sounds (coos, gurgles, laughs, giggles, cries)
  • Cries differently toward others and cries differently based on the cause (tired, hungry, etc.)
  • Draws attention to self when distressed, uncomfortable or hungry (crying)
  • Vocalizes and babbles directly at others, especially when spoken to or seeking attention
  • Produces cooing (vowel-like sounds) when comfortable especially when face-to-face with their caregivers at 1-4 months
  • Begins babbling by 6 months: double syllables (ex. aba), puts lips together (“m”), babbles to self, others, and objects
  • Able to blow bubbles with saliva
  • Smiles at speaker
  • Looks at speaker’s mouth when listening
  • Makes noise when spoken to
  • Responds to changes in your tone of voice
  • Responds to own name by looking for voice source
  • Moves toward or looks at familiar person when asked for example, “Where is Daddy?”
  • Able to sit up with slight support
  • Pays attention to music
  • Notices toys that make sounds
  • Explores toys with mouth and sooths self by sucking
  • Shakes a rattle or other object when placed in hand
  • Enjoys making noise, enjoys dropping and picking up objects
  • Pats and hits toys with hands and bangs with object held in hand
  • Transfers object from one hand to another
  • Able to pick up some objects and attempts to pick up even small objects

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