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How to Protect a Wandering Loved One Who is on the Autism Spectrum

Parenting Special Needs
Wandering and elopement behaviors can pose unique safety risks for children and adults on the autism spectrum. Luckily, there are many accessible tools to help keep these individuals safe. ...
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How Hearing Works

Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center Parent Tip of the Week
Learn the components of the outer, middle and inner ear and the role each has when it comes to hearing, as well as how the brain interprets nerve impulse as sound. Also, find a resource if you have concerns about your hearing, or that of a loved one. ...
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How to Teach High School Students About Money

Education Finance Parenting

There’s no better time to impart critically important financial lessons on your children than when they are teenagers. read more

... ...
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Inaugural North American First People’s Day Walk in Akron

2018 Editions Magazine September 2018 Things to do
The city of Akron will celebrate the inaugural North American First People’s Day on Oct. 1 by walking a portion of The Portage Path, the oldest landmark in Summit County. The public is invited to join in this historic event. ...
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Ready Player FUN! Begins at Great Lakes Science Center

Things to do
Great Lakes Science Center launches its brand new event, Ready Player FUN, this Saturday. Guests of all ages will enjoy learning some of the scientific principles behind their favorite games with a huge list of hands-on activities. ...
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Kids and Sleep: Make Sure Your Child is Getting Enough Rest

Health Parenting

Did you know that according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 15 million American children are affected by inadequate sleep? Without adequate sleep, children are less

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12 Commonly-Used Speech Therapy Terms

Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center Parent Tip of the Week
Ages & Stages Parenting
If your child is involved in speech therapy or may need to be in the future, you'll probably begin to hear professional jargon. Learn some common terms used by speech language pathologists that will help you during your therapy visits. ...
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Is it Sore Throat or Strep? Learn the Differences, Symptoms and Treatment

strep throat in kids
2018 Editions Health Magazine Parenting September 2018
Not all sore throats are strep throats. Often, kids have a sore throat because of a virus, which will usually clear up without medical treatment. However, because strep throat is very contagious, infections happen most often during the school year when big groups of kids and teens are in close quarters. Learn the symptoms and treatment of strep throat, plus ways to make your sick child more comfortable. ...
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