Emailing With My Girlfriends

Michelle Dickstein is the mother of three young daughters (two of which are identical twins). As a full-time working mom living in Copley, OH, Michelle is passionate about enjoying the moment as a family of five and living the very best life with her husband. She loves planning delicious, nutritious, and cost-effective meals, finding ways to save money to then indulge in really high quality and decadent chocolate, creating different sewing projects (which may take literally years to complete), planning family vacations, helping new parents, supporting breastfeeding moms, and looking forward to visits with her girlfriends. While originally from the east coast and a self-proclaimed technology laggard, Michelle's maintained incredibly close relationships with her long-distance girlfriends via email. Since having her first daughter, Michelle has read many parenting & lifestyle books as well as countless scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, editorials, and blogs. She likes learning what the “experts” say and picking and choosing what works best for her. Then Michelle shares experiences and observations by writing her musings on her blog, to help others avoid learning some lessons the hard way (like make sure your kid takes a trip to the potty before starting a video, otherwise your couch will get peed on). Her blog was created to help others live their best and happiest life, and it is what Michelle is dedicated to achieving at

The Power of a Girl and a Horse – Finding Passion and Acquiescing to Becoming a 'Soccer Mom'

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My oldest kid is starting kindergarten and I’m kind of freaking out

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I Have a Will to Handle My Parent Anxiety

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Mother’s Day Edition: Motherhood expectations vs. reality

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How to Schedule Time with Friends When You Are a Super Busy Parent

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6 Ways to Survive the Final Months of Winter

It’s mid-March right now and it’s snowing outside as I am writing this because: Ohio. I thought I saw a glimpse of spring a few weeks ago. It was beautiful, sunny, and temps were in the 60s and 70... Read more

New Year, New Resolutions

  It’s a New Year, so I guess it’s time to look at New Year’s Resolutions.  Before I get ahead of myself, I honestly couldn’t remember the resolutions I made for 2016!  I blogged about... Read more

Holiday Q&A with a Christian & a Jew

  FYI – I am Jewish.  I am not in St. Nick’s address book, but don’t count me out come December.  I still look forward to the holiday season and I was recently asked some questions about... Read more

How to host Thanksgiving with house guests and lots of little kids and not lose your mind

How to host Thanksgiving with lots of little kids and out of town guests I am hosting Thanksgiving, and it’s really special this year because my best friend and her family are driving out from th... Read more

What I Do When My Kids Are Fighting

Every kid gets into fights Small children are balls of emotion; they go from extreme happiness and delight to complete apocalyptic meltdown in less than two seconds.  I am amazed by their range of... Read more

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