Emailing With My Girlfriends

Michelle Dickstein is a Midwest transplant from the East Coast with her husband. Michelle has her Masters of Public Health and works full-time outside of the home. Michelle writes about her adventures in life as the mother of three adorable and curly-headed young daughters, two of which are identical twins. In addition she writes for Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, blogs (Emailing with My Girlfriends and Kveller) and has made appearances on CBS 19 and Fox 8 news as a lifestyle and parenting "expert" (whatever that means)! Michelle is co-authoring a book (and looking for a literary agent and publisher)!

My “Sliding Doors” Day

Do you remember the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow movie, Sliding Doors? In it, Gwyneth dons another, fun to listen to but we all know it’s fake, British accent and we watch two versions of her life play out ... Read more

The Power of a Girl and a Horse – Finding Passion and Acquiescing to Becoming a 'Soccer Mom'

I have been more than vocal about my personal disdain for over-scheduling my kids. I talked about it tongue in cheek in the context of being a lazy mom who doesn’t want to stress about shuttling my ... Read more

My oldest kid is starting kindergarten and I’m kind of freaking out

I am feeling a bit emotional right now because my oldest is starting kindergarten this month.  A part of me feels panicked.  This starts a whole new era of “formal schooling” and it comes with a... Read more

I Have a Will to Handle My Parent Anxiety

Feeling anxious as a parent is typical and almost expected. If you’re not worried about something it’s like you’re not a caring parent. Here is a small sample of the worries which have crosse... Read more

Mother’s Day Edition: Motherhood expectations vs. reality

Motherhood is different for everyone, yet very similar in a lot of ways. In recognition of this Mother’s Day, I asked some friends and family members their thoughts on motherhood, before and after t... Read more

How to Schedule Time with Friends When You Are a Super Busy Parent

In the April 2017 Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine issue, I wrote Top 5 Tips to Get More Family Time in Your Schedule...and Some “Me Time,” too.It’s often thought, once you become a mom, you need ... Read more

6 Ways to Survive the Final Months of Winter

It’s mid-March right now and it’s snowing outside as I am writing this because: Ohio. I thought I saw a glimpse of spring a few weeks ago. It was beautiful, sunny, and temps were in the 60s and 70... Read more

New Year, New Resolutions

  It’s a New Year, so I guess it’s time to look at New Year’s Resolutions.  Before I get ahead of myself, I honestly couldn’t remember the resolutions I made for 2016!  I blogged about... Read more

Holiday Q&A with a Christian & a Jew

  FYI – I am Jewish.  I am not in St. Nick’s address book, but don’t count me out come December.  I still look forward to the holiday season and I was recently asked some questions about... Read more

How to host Thanksgiving with house guests and lots of little kids and not lose your mind

How to host Thanksgiving with lots of little kids and out of town guests I am hosting Thanksgiving, and it’s really special this year because my best friend and her family are driving out from th... Read more

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