Emailing With My Girlfriends

Michelle Dickstein is a Midwest transplant from the East Coast with her husband. Michelle has her Masters of Public Health and works full-time outside of the home. Michelle writes about her adventures in life as the mother of three adorable and curly-headed young daughters, two of which are identical twins. In addition she writes for Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, blogs (Emailing with My Girlfriends and Kveller) and has made appearances on CBS 19 and Fox 8 news as a lifestyle and parenting "expert" (whatever that means)! Michelle is co-authoring a book (and looking for a literary agent and publisher)!

Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

This blog contains sponsored content. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season which means we celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! Mark your calendars for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend on F... Read more

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

This blog contains sponsored content. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Yes, the holidays are over, but it’s Girl Scout Cookie time!!  If you love Thin Mints as much as I do (who kne... Read more

Celebrating Hanukkah in a world of Christmas dazzle

  My husband and I are both Jewish and neither one of us grew up celebrating Christmas (which I hear some Jews do?).  Hanukkah is the “Festival of Lights” and yet we never put up twinkle li... Read more

4 Things I Look Forward to With My Girls

This blog contains sponsored content. When people see me in public with my double stroller toting my 18-month old identical twin girls the comments start coming.  THEN, they see my oldest daughte... Read more

Breakfast fun for all

This blog contains sponsored content. The time has arrived!  You can officially order breakfast ALL DAY at McDonald’s and I was there with my daughter to celebrate.  We went to the McDonald’s... Read more

Breakfast Any Time = Yes Please!

This blog contains sponsored content. At the end of the day, I really do not want to think “What’s for dinner?” Even though I feel like I have made a ton of headway in terms of grocery shoppi... Read more

The flu is not to be messed with

I am going to out myself. I am a vaccination zealot. Everyone has an opinion about vaccinations, especially the flu shot. People will say they don’t “believe” in vaccinations. I think saying you... Read more

I have a mommy confession...

All right, I think we know each other well enough now for me to confess. DEEP BREATH. I don’t find being a mom terribly difficult. This is hard for me to share because I feel like I am in t... Read more

Breastfeeding Support Groups in Northeast Ohio

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I have been educated about breastfeeding, and one of the big components for breastfeeding success is social support. New moms have so much going on right after a ne... Read more

Parenting with Positivity

When my oldest daughter was 13 months old I made a new friend who just so happened to be a child therapist. The first question out of her mouth after I introduced myself was “Do you have any little ... Read more

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