Why I Love Consigning and Shopping at Rhea Lana

Why I Love Consigning and Shopping at Rhea Lana

- in 2018 Editions

Hear ye! Hear ye! MAJOR NEWS!

Mark your calendar for March 11-15.

Why? It’s the Rhea Lana Spring 2018 Event

Raise your hand if kid stuff has taken over your house!  (You cannot see it, but I have both hands way up high!)

Can you relate to having clothes stuffed into closets, drawers and bins from a variety of seasons and sizes too small?  Keeping it under control is a part-time job on top of the full-time job of being a parent.

As a twin mom, I know the value of resale for all items.  I am not just talking about kid clothes, but the second crib, another crib mattress, more cribsheets, baby bouncers, baby swings, highchairs, and all sorts of kid accoutrement we clearly needed and accumulated over time.  Now it’s time to get rid of it.

It feels good to purge and it feels even better to make some money back on the stuff I no longer need!

I am an avid consignor and resale shopper. Why pay more for something my kids will outgrow and it’s practically new anyway?

Our area in Northeast Ohio has lots of options when it comes to resale and buying gently used items (click here for a resale store directory).  So, what’s a well-meaning mama to do?

I have found my answer – resale and shop with Rhea Lana!

My first introduction to Rhea Lana came when I was researching resale in the area.  Who knew there were so many options? 

My first shopping experience with Rhea Lana in Fall 2017 was nothing short of delightful. Also, family-friendly vendors are present, which is how I met Britt of BrittFit! She’s a gem, and I can tell you from first-hand experience, she’s a great resource for exercise when you have little ones in tow!

Rhea Lana uses retail space to set up shop and it is super professional, friendly, and well-organized. This is what made the difference for me. I could find everything I was looking for, and then I found stuff I didn’t plan to buy but just “had to have.” Who couldn’t use extra bedsheets and toys at rock bottom prices?! Sure, I sold our cribs, but now we have two new big girl beds.

Inspired by the mission to help local moms and the organization as a whole, I wanted to participate as a consignor. Despite my best efforts, I still have tons of bins full of clothes and baby gear I have not been able to sell on my own. I am not ready to give up yet and donate the items.

I was in happy disbelief when I received an email from Rhea Lana about consigning and all I had to do was just drop my stuff off – untagged. With this, my plans for the winter changed drastically. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent tagging items for resale. Rhea Lana just saved me weeks and weeks of sitting on my butt, tagging items and thinking, “Why am I wasting my life away with a tagging gun surrounded by a sea of clothes every night?!”

Rhea Lana accepts just about anything (including maternity clothes) and they will even donate whatever does not sell on your behalf. You can choose to pick up your unsold items if you want.

On the day of my drop off, I loaded my car up with bins and baby gear, drove up to the Rhea Lana rep, handed my stuff over and drove off to run some errands. I kept asking, “I really don’t need to do anything else?” NOPE.

The magical elves who work with Rhea Lana sort, organize, tag, hang (I do not even need to provide hangers!) and prepare all my stuff for sale. Now, I sit back and relax after my kids are in bed instead of give side eye to the bins of clothes in the corner quietly mocking me.

Rhea Lana has made it exceptionally easy to be a shopper and consignor — I feel like shouting it from the rooftops! I will definitely be shopping the spring sale and now I will be coming home with some money, too.

The event will take place at Wadsworth Crossings, 1143 Williams Reserve Blvd. in Wadsworth (located between OfficeMax and Kohl’s).


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