Have a Fun, No-Stress Winter Birthday Party for Kids at Rinky Dink

Have a Fun, No-Stress Winter Birthday Party for Kids at Rinky Dink

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We recently had my son’s 7th birthday party and it was the best party we have ever thrown for 2 big reasons:

  1. Most importantly, because the kids had a blast.
  2. I barely had to do anything at all and it was the least stressed I have ever been about hosting a party.

We had my son’s birthday party at Rinky Dink Family Fun Center in Medina. Rinky Dink has a variety of birthday party packages. We chose the Winter Cove party package, which gave us a party host, 2 hours of exclusive playtime in all 3 of the indoor attractions, use of the party room, pizza, drinks, and cake.

The kids had a blast with the indoor playground, inflatable bounce maze, and the Pirates vs. Aliens game.

My kids were especially enthralled with the Pirates vs. Aliens. It’s this room with these air guns that the kids can use to shoot soft nerf balls at targets to compete for points.

After play time we went to the party room where our party host (who was amazingly fun and great with the kids) served the kids their drinks, pizza, and cake. I didn’t have to do a thing! I got to relax, snap a few pictures and just enjoy celebrating my son’s birthday.

Oh, and you should know… the cake, pizza, and drinks are included in the party package price.  They also included all the tablecloths, paper plates, serving ware, etc.  When I set up the party over the phone they asked us what kind of cake we wanted.  I just thought that they would provide a generic cake, but no!  I was able to pick from all of the different cakes offered by the Dairy Queen that they use.  My son is majorly into Star Wars, so he chose a cake that had Storm Troopers all around the edges. He was really excited to have exactly what he wanted on his cake.

Another bonus about this cake… I didn’t have to order it or pick it up.  I let Rinky Dink know what we wanted and they handled ordering and picking up the cake.  Not having to make or buy any of the food for the party was amazing.

Seriously, instead of worrying about making all the food or serving it or cleaning up, I was able to chat with other parents and enjoy watching the kids have fun from the comfort of soft couches all around the cove room.

All throughout the party our host gave the kids tickets.  He hid them in the bounce house, they played games to win them, and he even shot some out of the air guns in the Pirates vs. Aliens game.  At the end of the party, the kids got to turn the tickets in for some little prizes to take home.

Overall, we could not be happier with our party experience.  Our seven year old felt like a king and I didn’t feel one iota of stress.  I highly recommend Rinky Dink Family Fun Center for any winter birthday party, and they have a variety of packages:

If your child has a summer birthday party, they have even more options for fun outside: go-carts, mini-golf, batting cages, and bumper boats.

Rinky Dink Family Fun Center is conveniently located at 2390 Medina Rd, Medina, OH 44256.  Check out the Rinky Dink website or give them a call at 330-239-1567 for your next birthday party!

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