C.A.L.M in CLE

Hi! I'm Reneé Sanden and I am Cora And Leo's Mom (C.A.L.M in CLE). I stay at home with my toddler and baby but I rarely ever "stay home" as we are always visiting some kid-friendly event or location in the area. I married an incredible man (Adam) and we share a pretty amazing life together. When my kids are sleeping I like to drink good Cabernet, play three card poker at the casino and stare at my kids on the video monitor app on my phone. My life has changed in major ways since having kids that are 17 months apart but I couldn't possibly be any happier. I know as Moms we are supposed to say that, but I mean it. I don’t miss my old life. Except for maybe the vodka. And the sleep. Other than that, I’m good.

What it’s Actually Like to be Quarantined with a 5-Year-Old and a 3-Year-Old

Weeks ago, no one could predict the world we would be living in. We undoubtedly took many of our luxuries and freedoms for granted. Today, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time where we are qu... Read more

Sleep Deprivation is Torture

Sleep deprivation is torture. Search the internet and you’ll find endless articles about how important sleep is for not only adults, but for children, too. If only my 3-year-old could read. She w... Read more

A Validated Lesson Taught

There are things around our house that are designated things that I do and designated things that my husband does. Generally speaking, we have a “he handles the outside, I handle the inside” agree... Read more

The One Thing You Need to Know About Potty Training

I remember telling people when my son approached 2 years old, “My son is so smart. I really think he’s ready for potty training.” My daughter was five months old at the time and I thought potty ... Read more

What it’s Like to be a Kid

Imagine if, from the moment you woke up, someone told you every little thing you had to do. Use the bathroom. Come sit in this chair for breakfast. Eat your breakfast. Hurry up and eat your breakfast.... Read more

The Greater Family

You are born into one family. In my case, that included my mom, dad and two older brothers. That is my “first” family. My dad was kind. My mother is smart. My oldest brother is resourceful. My mid... Read more

I Traveled for the First Time With my Toddlers and Here’s What Happened

If you know me, you know I run a tight ship when it comes to my kids. Generally speaking, my kids eat at the exact same time every day (give or take 15 minutes) and take naps and go to bed at the same... Read more

I’m Afraid to Travel with My Kids

My husband and I traveled a lot before having kids. We loved visiting new places but also going back to our favorite spots. On our list of travels is San Francisco, Indianapolis, Napa Valley, Las Vega... Read more

A Post-Holiday Open Letter to the Inventors of Elf on the Shelf

Dear Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell, I’d like to first start off by thanking you for inventing Elf on the Shelf. It’s a wonderful idea and has helped me tremendously. We first introduced our e... Read more

Raising Kids Should Be Fun

“Raising Kids Should Be Fun” was the headline on a flyer I recently received for a free positive parenting seminar series hosted by Crossroads at Lakeland Community College. It’s a series of thr... Read more

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