Aisha Taylor is a single mother of twins who helps corporate moms create the financial foundations to support turning their idea to income so they can exit their full-time job, walk in purpose, and spend more time with their children. Aisha has been featured in Black Enterprise, Jet Magazine, ESSENCE, Go Banking Rates, and The Detroit Free Press. To connect with Aisha, visit www.myideatoincome.com or email [email protected]

How the Library Can Help You Save on Your Toy Budget

Did you know that over a child’s lifetime, parents spend approximately $6,500 on toys, according to a 2016 study conducted by the Toy Industry Association? That is a lot of money. To make it worse, ... Read more

One of My Favorite Ways to Save on Children's Activities

I’m a mom of twin toddlers and I’m always looking for fun, cool things to do without spending a lot of money. As a single mom on a tight budget, I don’t allocate a lot of money for entertainment... Read more

Hello! I'm Excited to be Here

Hello! I’m Aisha and I am the founder of FNPhenomenal, a community designed to help single moms thrive financially and live phenomenally using Biblical principles.   I am new to the Northeast Oh... Read more

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