BrittFit Kids’ Play Gym Opens in Wadsworth

BrittFit Kids’ Play Gym Opens in Wadsworth

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Discovering places to go and things to do with your young kids is a never-ending mission; it’s up to us as parents to keep them occupied and active. Here in Northeast Ohio, we’ve got some great options to keep our kids busy, and the recently-opened BrittFit Family Fitness in Wadsworth is one of them.

It’s difficult not to become instantly energized upon first meeting Brittany Gerstenslager, owner and operator of BrittFit. Her passion for family fitness is tangible as soon as you walk through the door, and rightfully so as she has been teaching fitness classes for parents and kids for several years. Her most recent project is providing her business with yet another element of fitness and fun: a kids’ play gym.

This gym, designed for ages 0-6, is a safe space chock full of great activities for the littles to enjoy. With kid-sized exercise equipment such as an elliptical and treadmill, to a little room full of toys to keep the babies playing, to a slide complete with padding to meet you at the bottom, there’s so much to be enjoyed.

I visited Brittfit along with a friend of mine and our combined four kids — ages 5, 2, 9 months, and 8 months, respectively — and I’d suffice to say all our kids were definitely entertained! The pint-sized exercise equipment immediately captured the 2- and 5-year-olds’ attention, then the slide (of course), then the giant padded blocks perfect for making a fort or obstacle course. Their little minds ran wild, and the space certainly afforded them the ability to do so.


The babies even kept busy with these noodle-looking things, supposedly indestructible. Good thing, too, because this kiddo went to town gnawing on one! (Fear not, germaphobes: Gerstenslager sanitizes everything between play times!)

Brittfit’s Kids’ Play Gym kept all our kiddos busy for over an hour and a half — and I mean busy! There was hardly a dull moment. Not only did our kids have a blast in such a fun place, but they all took great naps after all was said and done, and that’s definitely a win in my book!

The Grand Opening for the Brittfit Wadsworth Studio is this Friday, September 6, at 5 p.m. — there you’ll be able to check out the adorable space, and the Play Gym will be open for the first time to the public!

If you ever find yourself near Wadsworth and needing something to do with the littles, definitely keep BrittFit Family Fitness in mind, and don’t forget to tell her that Leah at Northeast Ohio Parent sent you!

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