Family Goals to Set This Year

Family Goals to Set This Year

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Even though we’re already in full swing in the new year, there is still time to make some big goals for 2020! Have you ever set goals as a family?

While it is great to have your own personal goals, working with your family toward shared goals also can be very beneficial.

Family Goals for 2020

As the kids get older, we find it harder to carve out family time together. Everyone in the family is so busy, we find that sometimes we have to be very intentional about our time together. By setting a few achievable goals as a family, we get to share a common experience together. As a result, we also get to have some fun, quality time, too.

Every family’s goals are personal, but there are many different types of goals you can consider!

Ideas for Family Goals

  • Health and Wellness: Consider working together on a health goal, like running a race, taking hikes or spending 15 minutes a day outdoors together. Maybe you want to consider some eating goals, including trying new foods or eating less fast food and take out. Decide on a health goal together — everyone has to agree!
  • Express Gratitude: Perhaps your family would like to work on gratitude. Can’t we all feel a little more grateful most days? Your family could work on this individually, by keeping gratitude journals. Or, maybe you can share your gratitude as a family by keeping a gratitude jar on your kitchen counter (for everyone to add to).
  • Financial Responsibility: It is never too early to talk to kids about money. Children learn many of their financial tips and habits from their parents. You could work on a family financial goal, whether it be small things like saving up for a trip to get ice cream, or even bigger ticket items like a family vacation. Talk about what it will take to reach your financial goal and make sure everyone is able to participate!
  • Do Good for Others: Have you thought about your family getting involved in more community service? Maybe this is the year that you set a family goal to serve others. You could consider volunteering at a food bank or church/community project. Once you start looking for ways to serve, you will find so many opportunities. On a smaller scale, even the younger kids can help do good for others by making cookies for neighbors, helping shovel snow and making cards for the elderly or sick patients.
  • Plan Fun Adventures: While your family may lack day to day quality time, you can make up for it with some fun, planned adventures throughout the year. It is always fun to have a vacation or adventure scheduled in the future. You can make a countdown calendar to your next family outing. Be sure your schedule is clear for your outing so that conflicts do not arise.

These are just a few ideas for family goals for 2020. Your goals do not have to be complicated. The idea is to sit down as a family and set goals that everyone wants to achieve. These are the type of new year’s resolutions we can all agree on!

For more details on family goals and to download a Family Goal Setting worksheet, head over to  Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams.

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  1. We had a great family adventure last year, and we used countdown calendar from for that. It was so nice to get the kids(teens) and whole family committed for the same goal!

    1. Jaclyn Musselman

      What a great idea! I know my kids would love it.

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