Forever at the Kids Table

Forever at the Kids Table

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I seriously am in love with Thanksgiving.

I mean, it’s a holiday where you spend time with those nearest and dearest to your heart, think of allll the things you are thankful for and you eat a ton of good food.

Come on, man! What’s not to love?!

I’ll tell you one thing that’s kind of a Turkey Day downer, though – the wait. You can smell the amazing yumminess just a cookin’ away, but the meal seems to always take a bit longer to prepare than anticipated.

And no one knows the torture of waiting to eat Aunt Jane’s famous Pretzel Salad when you are sure you’re starving, quite like the kids.

So, this year, why not give the little people in your life a fun place to sit and wait together?

A space made just for them to create, snack and keep busy (and out from under foot) while awaiting those cornbread muffins and that chestnut stuffin’.

Thanksgiving Table Kids Table

I don’t know about you, but I typically prefer the “Kids” table anyway.

And let me just say, if I saw a table with candy corn turkeys at each place setting, you better believe that’s where I am heading!

Thanksgiving Table Kids Table

The Kids Table is where the fun’s at. It’s the place where the goofy stuff happens and the giggles seem never-ending.

Plus, they eat dessert first!

You can pretty much count me in on any table that gets first dibs on pie and cookies!

Thanksgiving Table Kids Table

For my Kids Table, I added a small chalkboard and a piece of chalk on the plates for doodling or tic-tac-toe competitions.

The table runner is actually a sheet of brown craft paper. Have the kiddos write down what they are most thankful for or have the smallest ones trace their tiny hands.

Thanksgiving Table Kids Table

Each setting has a cornucopia foamie sticker craft. I placed the foam sheets and smaller sticker pieces in brown paper lunch bags. These crafts are perfect for little ones to keep their hands busy and even more perfect to send home once finished with their favorite Auntie or Granny!

Thanksgiving Table Kids Table

Keeping in line with my forever frugal mindset, the chalkboards, white chalk, brown craft paper roll, candy corn, foam craft kits and paper lunch bags were all found at the Dollar Tree.

Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive. And creating a magical place for friends, siblings and cousins to make memories is truly priceless.

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