Inexpensive Items I Own That Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Inexpensive Items I Own That Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

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It’s pretty typical to save up for things you really want and know you’ll use often — my Vitamix blender, for example, cost a pretty penny, but I use it every single morning. My Casper pillow was definitely not the cheapest pillow on the market, but you better believe I sleep like a baby. Or how about my kids’ Baby Trend double stroller we use almost every day? All of these items were totally worth the cost.

When people think “luxury,” they often think “expensive,” but there also are a few items I’ve purchased for a couple bucks that have literally changed my life, without burning a hole in my pocket. And you’ll never guess what they are.

1. My OXO DishBrush

Y’all, this thing changed my dishwashing game. You know how annoying it is to have to squirt soap manually with the soap dispenser while washing the dishes? This fancy brush makes it so you can dispense soap with the push of a button while you’re scrubbing — it is seriously amazing. Okay, it’s probably solving a First World Problem, but this brush turned my utter hatred for doing dishes into only a minor hatred. The investment? $10. Boom.

2. My iPhone Case

When I got my very first iPhone, my boyfriend (now husband) took me to Best Buy and told me to buy a Lifeproof case. He honestly didn’t even give me an option; I’m a klutz, it’s not a secret, and when you make an expensive purchase like a new iPhone, you need to protect it.

But the case was super annoying. If you didn’t put it on right you’d get air bubbles on the screen, and the case itself broke so easily. They boasted a great replacement policy, which I took advantage of a few times, but the second time I asked for a replacement they said I had to pay a shipping fee and claimed that had always been the policy — lies.

I was done with Lifeproof, so I went to Amazon. I’m a pretty avid review-reader, so I landed on this plastic case for a whopping $15. I’ve legitimately had it for a year and a half and, along with a $3 screen protector, it has kept my phone just as safe as my $80 Lifeproof cases had in the past. I’ve probably dropped my phone hundreds of times since and it has kept my phone totally in tact, and the case itself still looks almost new. It was seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

3. My Target-brand Sleep Mask

Last year while I was perusing the Dollar Spot aisles with my mom at Target, I found a $5 sleep mask. It was definitely an impulse buy — I honestly didn’t even try it until mid-January, but after that I was using it every night and, 9 months later, I still use it every night. That $5 sleep mask has given me some of the best sleep of my life — I only wish I would have found it sooner!

Although buying cheap items can be a risk (you don’t want to sacrifice quality in your search for a good deal), sometimes the most inexpensive of items can surprise you and be the most valuable in the long run. I’m sure I’ve saved hours of frustrating dishwashing, at least two or three iPhones, and many sleepless nights by purchasing these items — and I’d buy them all again in a heartbeat.

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