One-Tank Family Road Trip: Millersburg, Ohio

One-Tank Family Road Trip: Millersburg, Ohio

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We recently got back from a family vacation — the first in several months (#thankscovid) — to Millersburg, Ohio. If you’re seeking a fun place to take your kids that’s easy to get to, I suggest you check it out.

Where to stay

We stayed in an AirBnb about 1 mile from downtown Millersburg. For us, it was a perfect location because we could walk to downtown and not have to drive. Our place also had a shared swing set/slide, which was perfect for our two young kids. 

We also stayed right on the Holmes County Trail, which was amazing — it’s a super flat trail to walk/run along and made for an easy way for us to all get out and moving each day.

Where to eat/drink

While in Millersburg, we admittedly mostly got takeout, but here were a few of our favorite kid-friendly places:

Broken Grounds Coffee: I enjoyed my latte at Broken Grounds, and the fact that they have a kids menu is a bonus! They also serve Rising Star coffee (yes, from Cleveland), which my husband loved. They’re located just up the hill from the Holmes County Trail, so you can grab a bite here and bring it down to the trail for a picnic at the picnic area. 

Millers Creamery: It wouldn’t be a family vacation without a trip (or two) to a local ice cream shop, right? We all enjoyed Millers Creamery, especially my husband, who loves fruity ice cream and sherbets. I love my vanilla coconut soft serve twist. We even took home a pint to go!

Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery: This place is listed below to visit, but it is worth mentioning here as well because there are picnic tables and food trailers outside. We stopped for a bite to eat after arriving in town and weren’t disappointed.

Millersburg Brewing Company: We ended up getting some beer to go from the brewery on our trip there. They have a big selection of beers, and you can buy 6-packs to take with you. The food is pretty much typical pub fare, and they do have a kids menu. Note — this last time they weren’t doing takeout, and it was dine-in only.

Der Bake Oven: Okay, this is in Berlin, Ohio (a short drive from Millersburg), but Der Bake Oven is so good. Not only do they have fresh baked goods (from homemade donuts and pies to breads and cinnamon buns), but they also serve delicious food. I had a breakfast sandwich on a homemade croissant. The kids shared a warm turkey-and-cheese sandwich, also on a homemade croissant, which came with a really nice selection of fruit.

What to do in the area

Go for a walk along the the Holmes County Trail and spot the horses and buggies. The trail goes for miles down Holmes County, and our Airbnb was right off a trailhead. It is relatively flat, and in just a mile, we were able to see horses and buggies, Amish families, farmland and wooded areas. We also passed a small kids’ area with swings for the kids to play on during our walk. 

Check out the Amish grocery stores: Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery is a must-stop in Amish country. We stocked up on cheese, chocolate milk, maple syrup, honey, jam, noodles and plenty of sweets here, including fry pies.

Troyer’s Country Market is also a good stop. It may seem like a typical grocery store, but it has an amazing supply of Amish jelly, jams, meats, cheeses and also a surplus of bulk spices. My son loved pushing around the grocery cart (just his size) and my husband was able to get a big supply of his favorite – Troyer’s trail bologna.

Get alllllll the cheeses at Heini’s Cheese Chalet. Heini’s Cheese Chalet is a dream if you’re a cheese lover and want to buy lots of different kinds of cheese. The store also has candy, spices and other items and bulk. Oh yeah, and did I mention dessert cheese?

See the world’s largest cuckoo clock in Sugarcreek: This clock is a fun detour on your trip. It goes off every 30 minutes and it’s not a typical cuckoo bird – instead, it’s a fun song with dancing figurines and something the whole family will enjoy.

Tips, Tricks and Things to Keep In Mind

The trip was a great one, but here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to visit yourself:

  • It is Amish Country, so keep an eye out for horses/buggies on the road.
  • Many places are closed on Sundays, so plan ahead.
  • While websites are good resources, many aren’t always updated and if they are, they may not be updated by the proprietor. One website I visited of an Amish-owned business acknowledged that since many of the Amish don’t use the Internet on a daily basis, the website was run by a third-party.
  • Bring extra room to bring home goodies. We came home with cheese, jams, meats, breads and more.

Some of our haul from the trip

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