Behind-The-Scenes: Our September Photo Shoot

Behind-The-Scenes: Our September Photo Shoot

- in September 2014

“Where did the summer go?” I thought as I was planning for the September cover in late July.

Visions of apples, fall fun and leaves came into my mind, because for me, after Labor Day is when fall really begins. I am immediately ready for cooler (not cold) fall days where I can break out my scarves and lighter sweaters. I love the time of year when the trees turn red, orange and yellow. The sounds of the leaves as they crunch beneath your feet. However, it wasn’t that time, it was early August. I began to realize the leaves really don’t start to turn until October. During that time, I wasn’t sure why I wanted to summer to end so quickly. Maybe it was because summer hadn’t really started weather wise. Or, maybe it was because my last child was about to begin kindergarten. I was sad he was going to school, but also eager for the routine.

It was decided that we would do the photo shoot with Henry, Claire and Aiden at Case-Barlow Farms in Hudson. The scene would be of apples, football and everything that could encompass the feel of September.

Claire, Henry and Aiden at Case-Barlow Farms in Hudson.

I hurried out to get a Cleveland Browns jersey, baskets of apples and fake leaves.

Aiden and I playing ball.

When we arrived, the site was under construction, but we still have lots of available places for photos for all the kids.

Our photographer from Love Bug Photography also brought an antique school desk. While we were thinking of apples and footballs, this little desk helped see our vision more clearly.

Education was a big part of the September issue and we couldn’t help to focus on getting back into the swing of our school routines.

In the end, we had wonderful photos that were featured throughout the magazine and the kids —and their moms — had a blast.

What were the highlights? For me, it was the game of “Pass the Apple” with the models’ siblings and friends, which was similar to “Hot Potato.”  And, a big hug from Aiden who was thrilled about keeping the jersey from the photo shoot.




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