Summer Traditions That the Kids Will Never Forget

Summer Traditions That the Kids Will Never Forget

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There is so much build up to summer. It is the time of year everyone looks forward to…maybe even more than the December holidays! Some of the best childhood memories are formed in the summer. Carefree days at the local pool and more ice cream treats that you can count are all part of what makes summer so memorable!

Nowadays, many families create summer bucket lists to make sure that they can fit in all the fun summer things!

Our family creates our own summer fun list that always includes some new activities. But we also are sure to include some summer traditions that we do year after year!

This summer, we came up with a few new traditions that we plan to do every summer from now on.

If you want a few easy ideas that aren’t too expensive but are loads of fun, consider these 5 Summer Family Traditions:

1. Drive-In Movie Theater

We just took our kids to the drive-in movie theater for the first time this summer and we had SO MUCH fun! There is so much nostalgia with the drive-in theater. I only went a few times as a child, but I remember each of those experiences.

It is so much fun to pack the kids in the car (dressed in their pjs) and watch a movie under the stars. Don’t forget the blankets and bug spray!

2. Weekly Ice Cream Date

Is it even summer if you aren’t eating ice cream every other day?! This year, we started a new, once a week, ice cream date. Every Wednesday, we pick a new ice cream shop to visit. The kids have fun voting on where to go and we love getting to explore new locations!

It is an activity we look forward to all week long — and it curbs our ice cream craving just a little bit knowing we have a treat later in the week!

3. Backyard Campout

We’ve been doing this tradition for years and the kids still love it! My kids and my husband camp out in the backyard — and I get a little quiet “taking care” of the house! It is a win-win for everyone!

It also is a perfect opportunity to see if your kids are ready for a real camping experience.

Consider making dinner or even breakfast on the grill to enhance your camping experience!

4. After Dinner S’Mores

S’Mores are a treat for kids of all ages! We make sure to always have the ingredients for s’mores on hand for impromptu after dinner treats!

Think outside of the box when it comes to your ingredients! Swap graham crackers with cookies or mini waffles! Change up the chocolate bar with peanut butter cups, white chocolate or even Nutella!

5. Family Bike Rides

Last, but not least, is an activity that is free and healthy! It is fun to get active with the entire family. Teach healthy summer habits by getting your family out for a bike ride. If your kids are not ready to ride on their own, hitch a trailer to your bike. You can look for used bike trailers and seats on Facebook resale sites.

Another option is family walk. For a little incentive, walk to your nearest park or ice cream shop!

Getting a few summer family traditions in place will help build lasting family memories!

What are some of your family’s favorite summer traditions?

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