On the Town Survival Guide: Cabin Fever

On the Town Survival Guide: Cabin Fever

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In the next installment of my on-the-town survival guide, I’m tackling the most common of situations in Northeast Ohio in these months: cabin fever. Between freezing temperatures, snow days, and cold bugs, it can be hard to get out and burn off energy.

And while there are lots of pieces on where to go, I wanted to share some tips and tricks to navigating winter cabin-fever busters with ease.

Avoid the Crowds

Places can get awfully crowded, especially on snow days or holidays. In all honesty, my first tip is to keep those days for at-home activities and try to pick other days for out-and-about fun.

But if you are going to venture out on those days, go early. The early bird gets the less-crowded play areas. The Children’s Museum of Cleveland opens at 9 a.m. and, if your kid is an early bird like mine, that’s a totally doable time to arrive. And if you can shift your whole schedule earlier, you can get in and out of lunch before the crowds, too.

Pack Snacks and Order Ahead

Have some snacks on hand, so that you can keep the kids happy and burn off maximum energy wherever you are. For lunch, try finding a nearby pizza place to call ahead and order, so that when you arrive, the pizza is ready for you.

Pro tip: Mama Santa‘s is the perfect choice for this set-up if you’re in University Circle.

Membership Has Its Perks

Winter is long. Interminably long. And you’ll often find yourself looking for ways to help your kids burn off their interminable energy supply. Pick your favorite(s) and grab a membership there. You’ll be able to skip lines, go more often, and fully enjoy the winter months with plenty to do.

Winter can feel long in Northeast Ohio, but you can still pack it full of fun ways to keep your kids busy too!

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