We are in the Home Stretch

We are in the Home Stretch

- in May 2017
We are in the Home Stretch

I have to admit, this school year wasn’t as stressful as last year. My oldest son has been doing well in school (straight As for the first time! I know, I have to brag a bit). I have never really worried about him; it’s my youngest son who has always struggled. 

Last school year was the worst. His teacher was wonderful and everyone tried to help, but schoolwork (both at home and inside the classroom) was difficult for him to manage, especially in reading. 

This year, we had to make some tough decisions and received some extra help. 

Now — for the first time since he began his school career — we are breathing a sigh of relief that he is going in the right direction. 

While it’s moving, there is still work to do. The Third Grade Reading Guarantee is next year and like every parent with a struggling reader, we are worried. 

So, like last year, we plan on finding a summer tutor to help, as well as providing learning through other ways, like signing him up for the library’s summer reading program.

In the May 2017 issue, we provide a list of ways to find the perfect tutor for your child, if you’re also in need (pg. 9)

While we are focusing on continuing his progress, we also want to celebrate his accomplishments. 

This issue is all about celebration and saying thank you. Kids applaud their teachers on pg. 40 and everyone can appreciate Mom throughout the month of May with the ideas on pg. 30.

We also offer help planning the perfect occasion for your family, whether it’s a graduation or a birthday. (In fact, even I will be celebrating a big, somewhat scary, birthday milestone this month!) 

If you are like me, party planning isn’t a strong suit. Luckily, we talked to Jen Picciano from Cleveland 19 News, who is a mom and foodie. She provides us tips that will please all palates (pg. 34).

Finally, we should all be rejoicing that summer is around the corner. I can’t wait for it to warm up (especially as I sit at my sons’ night baseball games).

At Northeast Ohio Parent, we are gearing up for summer by putting the finishing touches on our annual events. Look for information throughout this issue for the Crocker Kids, Eton Explorers and Fun at First & Main summer event series. Also, get ready for our Summer Fun Guide in June! This pull-out book in next month’s issue will give us all a little summer fever!

We hope everyone has a happy Mother’s Day and the kids get to enjoy the final home stretch to summer break.

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Angela Gartner is the editor of Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, wife, and mom of two boys. She loves to read, watch her sons play sports and take their two Scottish Terriers. She shares her experience as a boy mom and how she manages life as a working parent. Also, read her monthly "Editor's Note" column from the monthly magazine, which she shares on this blog!

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