Why My Family Loves Preseason Football…

Why My Family Loves Preseason Football…

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“Here We Go Brownies, Here We Go!”

When my husband and I got together 9 years ago, we realized we had a common love of football. He was an ex-player and I just loved the game, we found ourselves bonding over the love of the game together.  Now that we have children, they love football as well. On Saturday and Sundays, you can usually find all of us in our football attire looking as if we are coming, going to a tailgating party or hosting a tailgating party.

Last weekend we had a chance to take our children to the Orange and Brown Scrimmage. My husband and I have attended a scrimmage a couple of years ago with our oldest child. Due to the weather last Friday morning I didn’t think we would get a chance to go to the game. However, as we got closer to the time of the Scrimmage the weather cleared up and it was beautiful at First Energy Stadium! We were supposed to go as a big family, but everyone bailed on us due to the weather. We had a great time anyway and came back and told them all about it.

While we’re sitting there I noticed the stadium wasn’t packed but it was just the right amount of people and LOTS of families. From the parking lot, I was a little nervous to see the crowd inside, especially since we had the little ones (5 & 2.5 years old) with us. But once inside we had great seats behind the goal post.

5 Reasons We Love Preseason Football

  1. The Crowds…for preseason there are fans all around, however, the crowds aren’t as great as during the regular season. The crowds are more family friendly and easy to navigate through. I always fear losing one of my children in a crowd but I didn’t have to worry about this when we attended the scrimmage. The admission lines were down and even finding seats was a breeze.
  2. Family Friendly…I love my Browns and the die-hard fans of the city but I must admit they aren’t the most family friendly during the regular season (personal opinion). Going to pre-season games there are activities for children to participate in. At the Scrimmage, there was an area the children could play in toy houses, play basketball and ride in scooter cars. It was perfect for younger children like mine.
  3. Cost…IT’S FREE!!! You can’t beat being able to sign up to attend the Practices or the Orange and Brown Scrimmage. And if you luck up on actual pre-season tickets you can usually find those a little cheaper than your regular season tickets.
  4. Weather-last Friday morning I thought the scrimmage was a no-go, it stormed that morning. However, by game time; the weather cleared up and it was BEAUTIFUL in Downtown Cleveland! First Energy Stadium was a sight to see and if you didn’t know it rained, well there was NO sign of it that evening. During the season it can be a little cold in Downtown Cleveland for little ones, and although we can’t wait to take them to a regular season game we know that it will probably be a game early in the season because of the famous Cleveland weather.
  5. Up Close and Personal with the Team-It’s nothing like seeing the documentaries, or being there during practice and the players come around to take pictures and sign autographs for the fans. As I type this post there is a documentary on TV about the Browns (1st preseason game of 2017 Season), and their families and what keeps them motivated through the season.

I have faith that my Brownies are going to do better than last season! And if you are looking for fun Cleveland Browns activities for your family I highly recommend going to some preseason events! 

“Every Second and Every Down I will ALWAYS Root for The Orange and Brown”

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