Andean Condor Chick Hatches at the Akron Zoo

Andean Condor Chick Hatches at the Akron Zoo

For the first time ever, an Andean condor chick has hatched at the Akron Zoo! The male chick hatched on Friday, July 23 and is doing well. His parents are the zoo’s two Andean condors, Grock and Carlotta.

The chick is being hand-raised in the zoo’s animal hospital by the animal and vet care teams. The egg was pulled for incubation due to Grock and Carlotta’s history of accidentally crushing eggs. As the chick gets older, staff will use a condor hand puppet for feedings and social interactions.

Because the chick is being hand-raised, he is unable to make a public debut at this time. The zoo will share updates through its social media channels. Parents Grock and Carlotta remain in the condor habitat daily.

Click here to learn more about the chick.

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