Baby Gorilla Update With Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Baby Gorilla Update With Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Watch this video for an update on the male baby gorilla born at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Oct. 26. Because the western lowland gorilla was born just over a month premature, he does have an increased risk for pneumonia, which the zoo staff has been helping him overcome in recent days.

Watch to learn the steps the animal care and veterinary teams are taking to help the baby — the first gorilla born at the zoo in its 139-year history — gain strength and show improvement each day.

The gorilla was born to mom, Nneka (23), and dad, Mokolo (34). When Nneka did not show appropriate maternal care, the troop’s eldest female, Fredrika or “Freddy” (47), who herself has raised four infants, instinctively took over caring for the newborn.

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