Learn How to Draw a Robot

Learn How to Draw a Robot


Learn how to draw and color a Robot with Miss Hairbrush!

A native of Ohio, Miss Hairbrush uses her many years of drawing and designing to bring art to kids and adults in fun and entertaining ways! This experience inspired her to start her own collection of coloring books, home décor, and stationary, all with an entertaining, light-hearted style.

“Learning to draw and color is something everyone can do, and the encouragement kids feel as they see their skills improve with practice is a key to success both inside and outside the art studio,” says Miss Hairbrush.

She designed COLORSKILLS coloring books as a new way for kids to take their coloring to the next level. Each original illustration has a color-along video that teaches easy, step-by-step art techniques as well as fun, educational facts. Kids are encouraged as they see their skills quickly improve while learning the power of practice and that making mistakes only makes you better.

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