Meet Diego, Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s New Bobcat

Meet Diego, Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s New Bobcat

Cleveland Museum of Natural History recently welcomed a new male northern bobcat to the Ralph Perkins II Wildlife Center & Woods Garden.
One-year-old Diego arrived in March from a private donor and is adapting well to his new home. Diego spent his first 30 days in a routine quarantine, becoming accustomed to his new caregivers, diet and surroundings, and new training practices, such as shifting between different enclosures on cue.
Diego’s acclimation also includes future introductions to the museum’s senior pair of bobcats, Bob and Bitty. During visual introductions from separate habitats, Wildlife Specialists have noted positive interactions and interest in one another. The bobcats’ comfort levels and behaviors will dictate how quickly or slowly they progress to physical introductions. For now, visitors can see Diego during his outdoor exhibit rotations with CMNH’s current bobcats.

For more video and virtual fun, visit CMNH’s Facebook page.

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