Visit the Tiger Cubs at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Visit the Tiger Cubs at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Zoological Society

For the first time in more than 20 years, guests can visit tiger cubs at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!

The three cubs, all born in this past December, made their public debut last week at the zoo’s Rosebrough Tiger Passage. As the cubs adjust to their new habitat, guests will have a chance to see them daily between 10 a.m. and noon.

The three cubs are being raised in a unique social group of two endangered subspecies of tigers. Amur tiger cubs, Luka and Anya, were born here in Cleveland and Malayan tiger cub, Indrah, joined the pair from Tulsa Zoo after a recommendation from the Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP) Program.

To learn more about the tigers, click here.

For more videos and virtual fun, check out the zoo’s Facebook page.

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