Camp Fitch

Camp Fitch

12600 Abels Road
North Springfield, OH

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Parents are looking for engaging experiences that complement the goals that they have for their kids’ development such as enhancing their social network with quality friendships, improving their self-efficacy, and reassuring them that the values they teach and model as parents are relevant.

Camp Fitch’s century-old, classic sleep-away summer camp provides boys and girls aged 6–16 with a holistically safe, values-driven community where they discover friendship and achievement. Kids feel like they belong here among our carefully vetted, highly committed, and caring staff who create transformative experiences on a gorgeous and well-maintained site on the shore of Lake Erie.

Staff You Can Trust


The most important asset of a great camp is the staff that care for your child. At Camp Fitch, we have a very high staff return rate. Most of our staff grew up through our progressive leadership development sequence and our key leaders have each been at Fitch for decades.

Since our minimum counselor age is 18 years old, most of our staff are college students: tomorrow’s teachers and child-care experts who are carefully selected with a proven track record of leadership and positive role-modeling. We require an intensive, on-site week long orientation and skill-building session for all of our staff who learn to listen to each child and create a nurturing environment.


While Camp Fitch offers an impressive array of activities at our Lake Erie waterfront, state-of-the-art equestrian center, climbing tower, swimming pool, inland lake, and visual arts center, we recognize that these activities are a means to an end. In particular, the Fitch experience is designed to forge strong friendships that last a lifetime and solidify kids’ growing sense that they can reach goals for which they have passion and apply persistence.

Budding friendships are nurtured by our attentive staff and through daily group discussions about values like honesty, caring, and respect. Our wide spectrum of activities are the tool we use to provide an avenue for each kid to make meaningful accomplishments and experience powerful examples of effort impacting outcome.



Parents rave about the value of the Fitch experience, often sharing with us that their children return home a more compassionate and communicative person. Thousands of friendships made at Fitch have lasted a lifetime. Many former campers cite their time at Fitch as one of the foundational experiences of their life that set them on a positive trajectory into a successful, satisfied adult.


Health and Safety

We employ three registered nurses who are on-site all summer to safely dispense medications and advise treatment of the infrequent sickness or injury. We work with a prominent Erie-area physician to develop the protocol that the nurses follow.

Camp Fitch is accredited by the American Camp Association and conducts an annual review of our operations. We also operate under the oversight of the Erie County Board of Health and screen all staff with three rigorous background checks. Our lifeguards are all certified by the YMCA or Red Cross trainers and participate in weekly assessments and trainings throughout the summer.

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