Dalia Gets a Mud Bath at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Dalia Gets a Mud Bath at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Watch Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Eastern black rhinoceros calf, Dalia, get her very first mud bath! Not only is rolling in the mud fun for her, it’s a natural behavior with a purpose. Rhinos love a good coating of mud to help cool their bodies, protect against biting insects and to act as sunscreen.

Her Dalia’s mom, Kibibbi, gave birth to the calf on July 9. The birth is an important one for the species as Eastern black rhinos are critically endangered with less than 750 remaining in the wild due to poaching that supplies the illegal international rhino horn trade, as well as habitat loss.

Dalia’s name, which means “gentle,” was selected through an in-person and online voting program run by the zoo.

For more video and virtual fun, visit the zoo’s Facebook page.

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