Kayembe Update From Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Kayembe Update From Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

It’s been a busy summer for Kayembe, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo‘s baby gorilla! At almost 10 months old and weighing in at a little over 16 pounds, he’s becoming more independent and showing interest in solid foods. Watch this video for an adorable update on his growth and development.

Kayembe, the first gorilla born at the zoo in its 139-year history, was born to mom, Nneka (23), and dad, Mokolo (34) on Oct. 26, 2021. When Nneka did not show appropriate maternal care, the troop’s eldest female, Fredrika or “Freddy” (47), who herself has raised four infants, instinctively took over caring for the newborn.

For more video and virtual fun, check out the zoo’s Facebook page.

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