To Grandparents’ House We Go

To Grandparents’ House We Go

grandparent2Children can learn and have fun during visits through these activities. 

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house is always a treat. In fact, many kids don’t only have one set of grandparents, but have multiples. Here are a few ways, from the National Grandparents Council, that your kids can remember these special times with their grandparents — and they might learn a little about them too.

• The grandchild can work with the grandparents on a family tree chart.

• The grandchild can “interview” the grandparent about his or her life. Your child can record the session to remember the conversation. Some questions would be “What were your favorite games and activities?” “Who was more strict, your mom or dad?” “What were your favorite subjects in school?” “What was your first job?” “What was Mom or Dad like growing up?” “How did you meet Grandma or Grandpa?” “What chores were assigned to you as a kid?”

• Grandparents may help grandchildren write names and dates on backs of old family photos. Grandparents can relate information about ancestors, to preserve family history.

grandparent“Hand in Hand” Activities

One idea can be used to make a refrigerator drawing, a framed keepsake, a placemat, etc. The child draws around grandparent’s hand. Then places her own hand inside the  outline of the grandparent’s hand. Then child and grandparent work together to trace the child’s hand.

Another “Hand in Hand” idea is to make the grandparent’s handprint with red or yellow finger-paint. After it dries, overlap the child’s handprint using blue or green ­finger-paint.

Traced handprints can also be embroidered. This is an opportunity for the grandparent to teach a grandchild how to embroider.

Craft stores also have fabric paints, which could be used to outline the handprints on T-shirts.

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